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Starfield will launch in 2022 as an Xbox exclusive

A trailer for Bethesda’s upcoming title Starfield has revealed that the game will be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC. The trailer also gave a glimpse at the game’s spacefaring universe and revealed the game’s release date: November 11, 2022.

The trailer shows a person dressed in a spacesuit taking off in a rickety, futuristic spaceship. Players fill the shoes of an astronaut working for an organization called Constellation. Set hundreds of years into the future, when humanity has already explored space, Constellation is a group of explorers charting the last unknown regions of the galaxy.

Prior to boarding their ship, the astronaut is shown walking around a small base filled with clutter, including a half-eaten sandwich and flight manuals. The astronaut places a small, futuristic-looking weapon on a table before walking away. Outside of the bases and the ship, the alien world looks barren of any natural life, although it’s filled with other small bases and populated by towering robots.

Starfield is the first original IP to come from Bethesda Game Studios in quite a while. The last time the developer launched a new IP was in 1994, with The Elder Scrolls. To say there’s a lot of pressure for Bethesda to get Starfield right is an understatement.

Starfield will be available on Xbox Game Pass when it launches on November 11, 2022. The trailer also revealed that the game will only be available on the Xbox Series X|S and will not be heading to last-gen consoles. Players will also be able to pick up Starfield on PC.

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