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All romance options in Starfield

Space is a big, lonely place for someone to travel alone in Starfield. Even though you can bring along a crew of Companions to join you on your ship, sometimes you need a bit more than friendship. Romance options have become more and more common in RPGs of this type, and can even be the main appeal in games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Baldur’s Gate 3. Starfield‘s new cast aren’t all romanceable, though, so you might find your romantic options a bit limited.

Note: This will be spoiler-free (except for the existence of these characters, obviously) however there is a major story moment that, after which, certain characters may no longer be romanceable. To be safe, attempt to romance your character of choice as early as possible.

Sarah Morgan in the lodge looking at the player.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah is the first human Companion you are paired up with in Starfield after joining Constellation. She’s the group’s leader and is dedicated to finding the Artifacts to uncover their mysteries. Once you’ve done the required story mission with her, you can have her join you on your ship. Keep talking to her and selecting dialogue choices that she agrees with to build your relationship. Eventually, she will ask to talk with you when you have time and you will get a romance dialogue option.

Sam Coe

Sam Coe is a part of the famous Coe family with a long history and big shoes to fill. He and his daughter are part of the Freestar Collective, but joined Constellation and will accompany you to Akila during the story. He’s a realist and admires those who do what’s right and is honorable. After that mission, keep him and his daughter around to build up a relationship. Wait for him to ask to talk, and pick the romance option as soon as it shows itself.


The first member of Constellation you meet, and the man who gives you your very first ship, Barrett is a selfless and kind-hearted man. He’s hardly ever without a smile, even in the face of almost certain danger, and puts others before himself no matter what. Even though you meet him in the opening minutes, you will need to go on a mission to rescue him before he can become a Companion and eventual romance option.


The final romance option is the tough and adventurous Andreja. You won’t meet her at the Lodge like you do the rest of Constellation, but go out on a mission to check on her after she didn’t report back from a mission. As it turns out she didn’t really need your help, but is glad to join you on any adventures that take you out into the unknown regions of space. She’s more grounded and prefers people to play things straight. She won’t be easy to win over, but is a great character you do have the option to start a relationship with.

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Torch-P 250MW UV Pulse Laser
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Best ship parts

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