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The best Animal Crossing-themed Switch accessories

After just a few months on the market, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has already become the bestselling game in franchise history. Its relaxing gameplay, charming characters, and adorable graphics appeal to a wide variety of gamers, instantly making fans of anyone who dips their toes into the Animal Crossing waters.

Fans of New Horizons have plenty of ways to show their love for the series beyond just paying off their mortgage on time. As a first-party title, Nintendo has created several great Switch accessories based around the hit title. Whether you’re looking for a Nook-themed console, a new carrying case, or a K.K. Slider controller, there are several great Animal Crossing accessories available for the Nintendo Switch.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch console

What better way to show your Animal Crossing love than with a New Horizons-themed Switch console? It features a white docking station with Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook gracing the front, along with blue and green pastel Joy-Cons — so any true New Horizons fan is probably saving up their bells so they can purchase the new system. It’s worth pointing out that this Switch is the newer model, meaning you’ll see improvements to battery life and a bit of a performance boost compared to the original release.

Power A Enhanced Controllers

These aren’t official Nintendo Pro Controllers, but they are officially licensed, meaning they’re endorsed by Nintendo and completely functional with the Switch. As far as third-party controllers go, the Power A Enhanced is one of the best, featuring a two-year warranty, ergonomic design, and wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. All of that is made even better by the presence of K.K. Slider or Tommy and Timmy Nook.

Animal Crossing Official Companion Guide

Feeling overwhelmed with all the content in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? If so, you’ll want to check out the official Companion Guide. It clocks in at a respectable 432 pages and covers everything from bugs and fish to island visitors and using Dodo Airlines. It’s all presented in an easy-to-understand fashion, so even folks new to the world of Animal Crossing will feel like longtime citizens after perusing its pages. Whether you’re just trying to figure out the basics or looking for your next big project, the official Companion Guide has it all.

Animal Crossing carrying cases

Half the fun of owning a Switch is taking it with you on the train, bus, plane, or wherever else your life might lead you. Keep it safe and protected with these adorable Animal Crossing carrying cases. The first one is a deluxe carrying case that is sure to keep your console secure.

The second one features a different design and isn’t as bulky as the Deluxe case mentioned above. That means you’ll trade a bit of protection for something that’s easier to lug around in your backpack or purse.

Animal Crossing Amiibo

Although these aren’t specific to the Switch — or even New Horizons — amiibo are incredibly useful in the latest Animal Crossing title. Villagers can be quickly brought to your island if you scan their amiibo, bypassing the long waiting game of hoping your favorite villager stays at the local campground so you can invite them to live on your island. There are dozens of Animal Crossing amiibo available, and if even you don’t use them, they still look great next to your New Horizons Switch console.

Nintendo Switch console skins

If you don’t want to shell out $300 for another Switch console, you can instead opt for one of these skins. Many of them wrap the entire console in new graphics, giving you a beautifully decorated New Horizons vibe. Just be careful when you apply these stickers — otherwise you’ll end up with unsightly bubbling and overhanging adhesive. This first one is made specifically for the Switch Lite and comes in a variety of styles.

The one below is made for the regular Switch, featuring skins for the front and back of the dock, both Joy-Cons, and the Joy-Con adapter. It also comes with a screen protector in case you haven’t purchased one yet. This product comes in six different styles ranging from Timmy and Tommy to a pastel, mosaic design with iconic characters from the franchise.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons premium tech stickers

An easy — and affordable — way to customize your Switch is with these premium stickers. They can be applied and removed numerous times before they need to be thrown out and are a simple method to trick out your Switch, controller, or even your phone with Animal Crossing graphics. Plus, they don’t leave any residue behind, making it easy to swap them back and forth between your different electronics.

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