The Witcher 2 getting a big 2.0 update, content will be included with Xbox 360 release


CD Projekt announced at GamesCom that a big update is in the works for The Witcher 2, which was released for PC earlier this year and is coming to Xbox 360 early next year. The content-oriented add-on will be ready on September 29, and all of the material will then be integrated into the eventual console release.

While there will be some under the hood improvements and gameplay tweaks, the core of the update is additional game content. Dark Mode will be added, a new difficulty level. It’s easier than the Insane difficulty, which literally deactivates your saves and ends your game the first time you die. It’s a bigger challenge though, balanced by the presence of powerful “Dark” items that players can use.

A much-needed tutorial will also by added. The Witcher 2 was praised pretty widely for its strong gameplay and story, but many criticisms were leveled at the steep learning curve. Having some pointers guiding you through the opening sections ought to help a great deal. Rounding out the new content is Arena Mode, a wave-based survival challenge in which players can pick up XP and items for their character.

You can hear the details straight from the CD Projekt team in a newly released dev diary.