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How to get Battle Tokens in Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0 has shaken up the entire Call of Duty battle royale mode in some major ways. Aside from the obvious changes like the map, Strongholds, and new DMZ mode, progression has also seen some slight adjustments that will require some learning, even if you're a hardcore Warzone player. While the original had a battle pass system, Warzone 2.0 has revamped the system and introduced a new mechanic called Battle Tokens.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Warzone 2.0 battle pass

  • Modern Warfare II

Battle Tokens essentially replace the normal progression model for the battle pass, making them essential for anyone who wants to make progress and unlock all the goodies on those higher tiers. This lets you decide which rewards you want to go for first, but also means you will need to gather up a lot of Battle Tokens to unlock them. Earning Battle Tokens can be a huge grind if you just play matches normally. Here are the best ways to earn Battle Tokens in Warzone 2.0.

Player running through a map in Modern Warfare II.

Play short game modes in Modern Warfare II

If you also have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II then any XP you earn in those multiplayer games will also translate into Battle Tokens you can use in Warzone 2.0 battle pass. There are a few game modes here that can be completed very quickly, allowing you to grind XP at a very fast rate.

Step 1: Play Team Deathmatch. This is a very quick game mode, especially if you're skilled. The more kills you can rack up, the more XP you'll earn.

Step 2: Play Kill Confirmed. Very similar to Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed is mostly a slayer-type game, only you are able to earn a bit more XP by collecting tags as you play.

Step 3: Finally, the highest risk-to-reward game type is Free-For-All. If you're confident in your skills to reach the top three, this is an excellent way to earn XP fast.

Characters exiting aircraft in Warzone 2.0.

Play battle royale and DMZ

If you only have the free Warzone 2.0, then your game types are limited to the normal battle royale and new DMZ modes. Even so, playing your cards right in these modes can net you plenty of XP to reach your next Battle Token. DMZ mode in particular has an added benefit that will help you grind in every mode as well.

Step 1: In battle royale, focus on getting a high placement with your team, but also completing missions for bonus XP on top of what you'd normally get.

Step 2: While DMZ matches typically take the longest and are very risky, it is the most consistent way you can earn Double XP tokens you can use in other modes to progress even faster. Make sure you take missions that have these tokens as rewards before entering a match.

Character aiming down sights in Modern Warfare II.

Use Double XP Tokens

As we just touched on, Double XP Tokens are special items that, well, double the amount of XP you earn for a set amount of time. Obviously, this will drastically cut down on your grinding, however, they do come at a cost. Aside from the few DMZ missions that offer them as rewards, and some Modern Warfare II campaign missions, you're going to have to pay up to get your hands on them.

Step 1: Buy the Vault Edition. This version of the game comes with 10 hours worth of Double XP Tokens, plus 50 Battle Tokens to sweeten the deal.

Step 2: Buy select Mountain Dew products for tokens that range from 15 to 120 minutes of Double XP Tokens.

Step 3: Purchase select Jack Links products for a Double XP Token among other rewards.

Character calling in killstreak in Warzone 2.0.

Buy the battle pass

The last way, again, is for people who would rather spend some money than time progressing through the battle pass.

Step 1: Purchase the Warzone 2.0 battle pass to instantly get 20 Battle Tokens.

Step 2: Players who own the battle pass can also directly purchase additional Battle Tokens in the in-game store for 150 COD points each.

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