THQ inks Deepak Chopra gaming deal

thq inks deepak chopra gaming deal

Game publisher THQ has announced it has entered into a multi-year deal with Curious Pictures to bring the teachings of spirituality and mind-body medicine celebrity Deepak Chopra to video games. The companies aren’t specific about what sorts of titles they plan to develop, but the agreement is pretty broad, covering all interactive games based on Curious Pictures property for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo game platforms.

“We look forward to translating Dr. Chopra’s teachings and practices into a video game that provides gamers with a truly unique and rewarding experience,” said THQ executive VP Martin Good, in a statement. “THQ continues to expand its casual games portfolio and has grand plans to invigorate the lifestyle category with this game.”

Curious Pictures is known for producing everything from animated shows to commercials to television programs and feature films—it’s also ventured into new media and gaming. Some of its titles include the Cartoon Network’s Codename: Kids Next Door, Disney’s Little Einsteins, and VH1’s Hey Joel—it also has a separate toy division.

THQ apparently envisions Chopra-inspired titles to make their appearances as casual and lifestyle games, although the companies haven’t revealed how they intend to translate Chopra’s teachings on mind-body health, inner peace, and spirituality to game controllers, screens, and motion sensors. Although it’s laudable that publishers are willing to explore new directions for gaming technology, it may be important to remember that most game players turn to their devices for entertainment and fun.