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LIVE: PS5 Game Prime Day deals — lowest prices today

A person plays Crash Bandicoot using a PS5 DualSense controller.

There are so many Prime Day deals out there at this point, it’s tough to wrap your head around all of them, especially if you’re looking for something specific, like the best Prime Day PS5 game deals. That’s why it’s a huge help to reference a curated guide, like this one, where all of the excellent promotions and offers have been wrapped up for you, with a neat little bow on top. If you want to get your game on, but save a ton of money, now is the best time to make that happen. Here are some of the better Prime Day PS5 game deals out there right now, one of which may be just what you were looking for.

LiveLast updated July 12, 2022 8:46 AM
Josh Levenson
53 years ago
Call of Duty: Vanguard -- $30, was $70
Operator in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Drop into the middle of World War II in Call of Duty: Vanguard, the latest entry in the long-running shooter franchise with a host of new weapons that you'll want to master. Go through the game's single-player Campaign mode as a group of soldiers from different countries who come together to overcome an international threat, then engage with your friends in Multiplayer mode by first checking out our beginner's guide for movement, loadouts, and more. Call of Duty: Vanguard also offers the Der Anfang mode, where you'll face hordes of zombies as a soldier who's stuck in the ruins of Stalingrad due to the magic of Kortifex the Deathless.

Josh Levenson
53 years ago
Far Cry 6 -- $25, was $60
A character shoots a gattling gun in Far Cry 6.

Lead a modern-day guerilla revolution in Far Cry 6 as Dani Rojas, a local of Yara, which is a tropical island that's under the rule of the dictator Anton Castillo. You can't do it on your own though, as you'll have to build an army of your own by recruiting allies with specific skills that can help you in your quest to liberate your home. Yara is a massive open world filled with everything from jungles to cities, so you might want to check out our beginner's guide before you start your adventure in this explosive first-person shooter. You should also read up on our crafting guide, Amigos companions guide, and best weapons guide for Far Cry 6 so that you can quickly defeat Castillo's subordinates, take control of their territories, and take the fight to the dictator himself.

Josh Levenson
53 years ago
Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate Edition -- $30, was $40
Scorpion throws a flaming weapon in Mortal Kombat 11.

The Ultimate Edition of Mortal Kombat 11 includes all of the game's 37 fighters, including add-on characters like Shao Kahn, The Joker, Robocop, and Mileena, and you have nearly infinite customizations options for more personalized fighting strategies. Among the changes that you can make for each character include skins, gear, and special abilities, plus taunts and brutalities that you can earn. Stop Kronika from rewinding time and changing history in the game's two story campaigns, or test your skills with the challenges offered in the Towers of Time.

Josh Levenson
NHL 22 -- $35, was $70
Hockey player in NHL 22.

Take to the ice in NHL 22, which is powered by the Frostbite engine to deliver significant visual upgrades for a more realistic hockey experience, compared to previous titles in the series. The game lets you take advantage of Superstar X-Factors. which unleash unique player abilities that can give you the advantage that you need to win a match. You can live the life of an NHL player through the Be a Pro mode, and you have complete control over your chosen team as you aim to win multiple championships in Franchise Mode. Important game statistics are projected onto environmental surfaces, so you're always on top of the information to give you the chance to make what could be the game-winning decision.

Josh Levenson
Demon's Souls -- $50, was $70
The protagonist of Demon's Souls going up against a massive creature.

PlayStation 4 classics such as Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice trace their roots back to 2009's Demon's Souls, which is now in the hands of a new generation of gamers with a remake for the PlayStation 5. The challenging/frustrating level of difficulty that has made "Souls-like" games so popular is retained in the new Demon's Souls, but with additional items, weapons, and armor to switch things up from the original. The enemies are vicious, the environments are unforgiving, and the boss fights are exhausting, so you'll likely see the iconic You Died screen an unpleasant number of times. Finally breaking through is a glorious feeling, though, and that's going to keep you hooked to Demon's Souls.

Josh Levenson
WWE 2K22 -- $55, was $70
The Rock and John Cena face off in WWE 2K22.

Dig deep into an arsenal of moves and finishers with the full roster of superstars and legends in WWE 2K22, which features redesigned controls and graphics. Call the shots as a WWE general manager in MyGM, where you can set up rivalries and draft your ultimate lineup as you go up against the general managers of the other WWE brands. You can create a character and rise up the ranks in MyRISE, and collect and manage superstars in the all-new MyFACTION. If you're a fan of Rey Mysterio, you can celebrate this career in 2K Showcase.

Josh Levenson
FIFA 22 -- $30, was $70
Player being chased while kicking a ball in Fifa 22.

FIFA 22 focuses on providing a realistic soccer experience with next-generation HyperMotion technology, which utilizes advanced full-team mo-cap data to revolutionize how players move on the field, and machine learning that writes new animations from advanced match capture. Create a club and lead it to the championship in Career Mode, or immerse yourself in the life of a professional player in Player Career Mode. Additional gameplay features, including a revamped goalkeeper system, improved ball physics, and new attacking tactics, set the tone for every match in FIFA 22.

Josh Levenson
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla -- $30, was $60
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Kill

The latest entry in the long-running franchise, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Ubisoft's most ambitious attempt yet, set in a 9th-century open world that's daunting at first because of the sheer number of things that you can do. Control Eivor, who helms a group of Vikings in expanding their new home of Ravensthorpe in Anglo-Saxon England from a small village to a thriving community. The combat system is a further improvement from recent Assassin's Creed games, completely capturing the ruthlessness of Eivor's clan of warriors. Lead raids, devastate your enemies, and improve your settlement in a game that will see you log 60 hours to complete the campaign and more than 100 hours if you want to explore everything that the game has to offer.

Josh Levenson
F1 2021 -- $19, was $40
F1 2021 player racing around the track.

Get behind the wheel of Formula One cars in F1 2021, the official video game of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship. Choose your team, customize your driver, and participate in the races with the goal of taking home the championship at the end of the season. See if you've got what it takes in Braking Point, the game's story mode, or with the 10-year My Team career mode, which will let you join the grid as the 11th team. You also have the option of getting into the action right away, either by racing head-to-head or by joining online multiplayer matches. You can also pit your skills against the best players in the world in the game's online qualification events.

Josh Levenson
Hitman 3 -- $24, was $60
Agent 47 standing on a rainy street in China.

Hitman 3, the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy, lets you suit up as Agent 47 and utilize his immense library of skills to take down targets. Go on an adventure around the world and take in the sights of some breathtaking locations before you start working to figure out how to carry out your missions. Complete your objectives in any way possible, as the open levels give you the freedom to explore creative solutions. This also means that the levels of Hitman 3 are meant to be replayed over and over, giving you the chance to keep finding paths to your goal of assassinating your mark.

Josh Levenson
Back 4 Blood -- $19, was $30
Back 4 Blood - Cleaners vs Ogre

If you haven't gotten your fair share of trying to survive against hordes of zombies, try Back 4 Blood. However, instead of going solo, you'll be fighting in a group of four in this spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series. You can play with three friends online or with a team of AI-controlled characters in this co-op survival shooter's campaign mode, where you'll take increasingly challenging missions. In multiplayer mode, you'll get the chance to play as the undead Ridden, which come with unique abilities. You'll also enjoy extreme replayability with the game's card system. which ensures a different experience each time you start a match.

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Briley Kenney
Briley has been writing about consumer electronics and technology for over a decade. When he's not writing about deals for…
PS5 slim vs. PS5: everything you need to know about the new PS5 model
The slimmer PS5 console laying on its side.

Sony consoles have always gotten multiple versions and editions ever since the original PlayStation 1. As technology becomes cheaper and more advanced, refreshed models that are both smaller and less expensive to produce typically come out a couple of years into a console's life cycle, and we have now hit that point for the PS5. The PS5 slim, as it is being referred to, is a smaller version of the launch models, and will eventually become the standard unit available to consumers once the stock of existing PS5s runs out. However, is this version worth getting if you're an existing owner, or is it only for new purchasers? There's also the question about which of the two versions to buy. To answer all these questions, let's compare the PS5 slim to the OG PS5.

Let's start with the most important part, which is whether or not there's more power under the hood of the PS5 slim compared to the launch models. No, the PS5 slim is not in any way more powerful than an existing PS5. This is not a PS5 Pro, which is currently just a rumor. Games will not look, run, or play any better or worse on either version. The only difference in terms of specs is that the slim versions have slightly more storage space at 1 TB compared to 825GB, which is just a small 175GB upgrade. There's nothing here that makes it worth buying a new system when you can expand the storage of your console yourself.
Obviously, a slim model would mean that this new version would be smaller than the frankly comically large launch version. While that's true, it isn't a huge reduction in size. The PS5 Slim disc version weighs 3.2 kilograms (18% less that the original PS5) while the discless version weighs 2.6kg (24% less), and both are 30% smaller by volume.
Once again, you will have the option to choose between an all-digital and standard version of the PS5 Slim. However, unlike the original discless PS5, the new version will give you the option to add a disc drive later on if you purchase a separate detachable drive.
The current PS5 models are priced at $400 and $500 for the digital and standard versions, respectively. While the PS5 slim standard version that includes the disc drive will remain at $500, the discless version will get a price increase to $450. This price increase had already been seen in other territories outside the U.S., but will now be introduced here once these new versions launch. It is also worth mentioning that the detachable disc drive you can get to upgrade your discless version will cost $80, meaning you would spend more to buy the digital version and add the drive than you would by simply buying the version with the drive already included.

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PS Plus members can cloud stream PS5 games in 4K later this month
Aloy stands on a mountain in Horizon Forbidden West.

PS Plus Premium is adding a new feature next month that will allow subscribers to cloud stream select PlayStation 5 games. The initial list includes heavy hitters like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West. Sony is targeting an October 30 launch in North America.

Cloud streaming has been one of the primary selling points of PS Plus since its relaunch last year. Subscribers can use the feature to access several games in the service's catalog, including PlayStation 3 games. The new feature will now extend that technology to newer PS5 releases, with Sony saying it plans to make "hundreds" of games streamable.

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PS5’s new Digital Edition brings console gaming one step closer to PC
A PS5 consxole is opened up, showing its removable hard drive.

When Sony revealed updated models for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, one specific accessory for the latter caught my eye. That would be the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for PS5, which players can purchase separately and then attach to the Digital Edition console if they decide they do want to own physical media after all. Coming right in the middle of a console generation where multiple versions of each Sony and Microsoft console exist, it hews a lot closer to a console future that draws from the PC experience.

By that, I mean game consoles are becoming more modular and customizable. Something like the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive points toward a future where you can swap console parts in and out as you would with a gaming PC. This not only gives companies a chance to be more digitally focused while still supporting physical media but potentially makes it easier to expand a console’s memory or power without doing a full-on mid-gen console refresh. It’s unknown if this is the real future for console gaming, but the new PS5 models at least lay a bit of groundwork.
A more modular future
While “slim” versions of consoles have been an industry trend for a while, the significance of mid-gen console refreshes has grown over the past decade. The PS4 improved with the PS4 Slim and then the PS4 Pro, while Microsoft flooded the Xbox One market with the One S, One S All-Digital Edition, and One X updated version of the console. And while the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro never came to fruition, the Switch still saw hardware variations with the Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED model. It's also already possible to tinker with your PS5 a bit and expand its storage capabilities, something that typically felt relegated to modded consoles in previous generations.
This more frequent and incremental hardware release cadence reflects other parts of the tech industry and allows these companies to test new ideas for hardware going forward. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition played a role in paving the way for the digital-only Xbox Series S. As such, it wouldn't surprise me if Sony is experimenting with a new hardware approach with these updated PS5 models, even if they aren’t massive technical overhauls.

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