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Is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands cross-platform?

If you’ve gotten your hands on the latest Borderlands venture Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you’ve probably already dived into the fantasy environment, picked the class with the most flash (they’re all flashy), and started blasting the baddies. But you may also be wondering if you can team up with your friends to lootsplore together, even if they’re playing on other devices.

The good news is that Wonderlands is built for cross-platform support. There’s even a couch co-op option! Let’s go over everything you should know.

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What cross-platform play does Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands support?

If Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is on a platform, you can play with people from that platform. Cross-play is essentially universal: PC players can play with console players. Xbox can play with PlayStation. Xbox Series X and PS5 can play with Xbox One and PS4.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands character beckons.

When can I start playing multiplayer?

Not right away. There’s a fairly lengthy prologue section to introduce you to the story and the gameplay, as Borderlands games tend to do. Once you have gotten your shield and unlocked the “War” section of the story, the prologue will be officially over and the game will open up to playing with others, including those on other platforms.

Do I have to enable crossplay?

It’s typically enabled automatically, but you should certainly check to make sure before inviting your buddies to join the mayhem. After the prologue section, head into your menu and go to the Network and Social section.

What online play modes are there?

There are two online play modes you can switch between when playing with friends, so pick the right one for how you like to loot. The first is Cooperation, which adjusts the loot for every individual character and assigns loot individually. The second is Coopetition, which sets difficulty according to the host’s character and shares loot, allowing other players to steal the best loot if they are quick on the draw.

Tina Knighting Classes in Wonderlands.

How many people can play cross-platform at the same time?

Wonderlands supports up to four people playing the same game at once, just as the previous Borderlands games. As we mentioned there’s even couch co-op, although it’s limited to two people on Xbox One and PS4, and up to four on PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5.

Can I limit cross-platform play to just my friends?

Yes, you don’t have to matchmake randomly if you don’t want to. There is an invite-only option in the Group Privacy section so that you can create a closed game with your friends from any platform. You can also make sure that Friend Sync is enabled to make picking up friends in matchmaking easier, and choose to turn text chat on or off depending on how you want to communicate.

Can I trade with friends on other platforms?

Yes, but you need to make sure you are on the right settings. At the bottom of the Network and Social window, you’ll see an option called Trade Requests. You can set requests to All Players to make sure that trading is always an option, or limit it so you can only trade with your group. To initiate a trade, approach another player and hold down the suggested button to open a trade window with several slots. You can fill these slots with up to four items to trade with each other.

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