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How to find all the Hoysala Tokens in ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’

Hoysala Tokens 'Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy'
Naughty Dog
One of the elements that sets Uncharted: The Lost Legacy apart from predecessors like Uncharted 4 is a specific set of collectibles you can find in one portion of the game: A set of 11 Hoysala Tokens.

Found in Chapter 4: The Western Ghats, an open-world section of The Lost Legacy that you explore in a four-by-four jeep, the tokens are worth more than your average collectible. Finding them all allows you to find a special item that makes it easier to find the rest of the collectibles in the game. And each of the tokens comes with a small puzzle or battle, adding a lot of variety to the level — which is the biggest of its kind developer Naughty Dog has ever made.

Exploring Chapter 4 can be time-consuming, as well as a little confusing. So we’ve put together a guide to help you find each of the tokens, complete with a look at Chloe Frazer‘s map to point you in the right direction. Here’s the complete list of all the Hoysala Tokens in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and how to find them.

Hoysala Token 1

When you first spot the tower, drive forward toward it until you see a small alcove of ruins. Go around the wall to find a small lantern marking the token’s location. From there, climb up the rocks, then use your grappling hook to find a series of objects you can grapple to form a path. Eventually you’ll hit the end, where a destructible wall hides the first token.

Hoysala Token 2

North of Token one is a ruin that’s more or less in the middle a lake, where Asav’s men have taken up residence. Climb up and clear them out. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you find an archer statue pointing at a towering ruin to the south. Walk to the north end of the island from the archer and you’ll find a destructible wall, a lantern, and the next token.

Hoysala Token 3

In the middle of the lake just north of the starting area, you’ll find a statue of an elephant. Beside the elephant is the lantern denoting the token, and just in front of the elephant’s face, under the water, is a hole you can swim down into. Swim through the cave and surface on the other side to find your token.

Hoysala Token 4

Near the central tower is a series of structures you can climb. In the middle of one is a button that activates several fountains. Swing around and step on each fountain before the time runs out, then return to the center to receive the token.

Hoysala Token 5

North of the central tower, follow the river until it ends against a stone wall. You’ll see a ruin built into the wall and a lantern. Climb the wall to get inside the ruin, where you’ll find the path barred. Nearby is a puzzle you’ll solve to form the picture of a horse and open the path to the token.

Hoysala Token 6

At the spot marked with a question mark (once you’ve been there, Chloe will change it to a token icon), you’ll find a map on a wall that marks the tokens and a place where you can turn them in. Token 6 is to the left of the map.

Hoysala Token 7

North of the tower in the middle of the map, you’ll find a group of rebels staking out some ruins. Clear them out, including the two snipers, and unlock the crate in the back of one of their trucks for the token.

Hoysala Token 8

Due east of the central tower is a small raised area. Climb on top of the structures there and look down for a round stone slab with a spot on it that can take your grappling hook. Hook the slab, then jump off the protruding ledge you’re standing on so that the rope goes over it. That’ll use your weight to yank the slab off and open a hole in the ground. Climb down to find your token. Asav’s men will show up right afterward, so be ready.

Hoysala Token 9

Farther east of the central tower, you’ll find ruins set into a rock wall with bells in the area around it. Climb up into the structure set in the wall and you’ll find a door covered in bars. The bars retract when you ring the bells, and you need them all to be ringing at the same time to open the door. From the elevated position, shoot each of the bells and you’ll open the door and reveal the token.

Hoysala Token 10

On the east edge of the map, just south of the location with the bells, is a river that runs up into the mountains. Go to the hill that’s just south of the river and climb up the path. You’ll see a ruined tower, and just beyond, a muddy slope with a few columns set in it. You’ll be able to swing, slide, and leap to the columns to cross to a cave on the far side of the slope, which holds the token.

Hoysala Token 11

Just to the east of where you entered the map on the southern edge is the last token. You’ll have to clear Asav’s guys, who’ve brought a turret. Near the turret is the sign marking the token’s location, and right behind it is a wall you’ll have to blow open to get inside.

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