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Watch the ‘Battlefield V’ announcement with Trevor Noah right here

On May 16, Electronic Arts revealed the next entry in its Battlefield series will be titled Battlefield V, confirming rumors we heard over the last few months. No details on the game were offered with the announcement, but that will change during the game’s live reveal stream on Wednesday, May 23, and you can watch it all right here.

The Battlefield V live reveal will be held at 4 p.m. ET on May 23, and it will be hosted by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host and standup comedian Trevor Noah. You’ll be able to view it on the official Battlefield YouTube channel and website, as well as Twitch and Microsoft’s Mixer.

If you don’t want to go to another site, however, we will also have the stream running live on our own Twitch channel, which we embedded at the top of this post. You will be able to see all the action and hear insight from the developers at Dice.

During the reveal stream, we will learn about the game’s new setting, which is reportedly heading back to World War II after Battlefield I tackled World War I in 2016. We will also see the multiplayer in action, which Electronic Arts said will “span multiple maps and modes,” and it appears the map-hopping “Operations” mode from the previous game will be making an appearance, as well. Recently, that game’s DLC They Shall Not Pass was made free on Xbox One and PC. It has now returned to its standard $15 price tag.

Following the publish backlash to the gameplay-centric loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront II, it seems unlikely that Electronic Arts will make a similar mistake in Battlefield V. The publisher will likely address this controversy right out of the gate, easing players’ concerns that microtransactions would go beyond cosmetic items.

Battlefield V won’t just be about the multiplayer — the “War Stories” campaign missions from Battlefield 1 will make a return, as well. In Battlefield I, these missions put us in the boots of several different soldiers during the conflict, telling grounded and emotional stories that didn’t glorify war. The missions were quite different than previous Battlefield campaigns, which featured a more traditional linear structure.

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