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‘Watch Dogs 2’ Showdown PVP game mode will now be free for all

Watch Dogs 2
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Watch Dog 2‘s upcoming Showdown PVP team-based online mode will be entirely free, according to a new content roadmap from Ubisoft. It will be released in April alongside a number of other free features and the premium No Compromise DLC on PS4. It will be followed by additional free content releases in May and June.

The upcoming Showdown game mode for Watch Dogs 2 is an exciting one. It pits two pairs of experienced players against one another, with one of three distinct challenges: Steal the HDD, king-of-the-hill style “Doomload,” and Erase/Protect the servers. Although initially intended as a premium DLC release, community feedback prompted Ubisoft to make it freely available for everyone.

“We really wanted to have as many people as possible playing the mode for a better challenge, better matchmaking time and quality, and a healthier, more active community,” said Watch Dogs 2 live producer Kris Young. “Our community asked for more multiplayer content, and that’s also a reason why we’ve decided to make Showdown accessible for free for all players, while replacing it with more single-player content in No Compromise.”

Alongside the Showdown release, players can expect new races for drones, ekarts and motocross bikes, all available in multiplayer. There’s also a new armored truck feature for single player and cooperative play and a new paintball rifle. Those who like to dress up their character can also come to grips with 13 new clothing options.

Perhaps looking to assuage those concerned that content they paid for as part of the season pass is now going to be given free to everyone, Ubisoft is also releasing some premium DLC alongside the Showdown content update. That paid-for DLC release coming on April 18 is called No Compromise. Launching initially on the PS4 (Xbox One and PC release is coming in May) it will give players a new Dedsec operation, “Moscow Gambit,”; six new single player race time trials, new clothing sets for police, fireman, and paramedic which come with their own vehicles, and two new non-lethal weapons: the air shotgun and sniper stun rifle.

“By adding more weapon options for nonlethal players, we’re giving them new tools and strategies they can use to replay favorite missions, push their preferred playstyle even further, and experiment more with the Ghost style,” Young said.

Alongside the launch of No Compromise on the Xbox One and PC in May, all players will gain access to new free content as well. There’s “seamless PVP support,” for the armored truck feature, as well as a new seamless PVE event. “Big improvements” are also going to be made to leaderboards and a few changes will be made to bounty hunter mode.

In June, players can look forward to four player cooperative support for city exploration and certain activities.

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