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PS4 is sold out (almost) everywhere — here’s where to get one today

Hunting down a Sony PlayStation 4? You aren’t alone. With the entire nation stuck inside until further notice, demand for the console has rocketed. While most retailers have sold out, there are still some that have them in stock, ready to leave the warehouse today. Here’s where the run-of-the-mill PS4 and the souped-up PS4 Pro are still available.



The PS4 shoots in and out of stock faster than a speeding bullet. Fortunately, we here at Digital Trends are on hand to help: We’re monitoring all the leading retailers, cataloging those that still have the console in stock below. List looking a little short? Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re updating it around the clock, so bookmark this page and keep checking back.

  • PS4 (1TB) at Amazon

  • PS4 (1TB) at Best Buy

  • PS4 (1TB) at Kohl’s

  • PS4 (1TB) at Newegg

  • PS4 (1TB) at Target

  • PS4 (1TB) at Walmart


PS4 Pro

Being the more expensive of the two, it’s no surprise the top-of-the-line PS4 Pro isn’t as hard to find as the standard PS4. Having said that, the console still flies off the shelves, so there’s no guarantee the following retailers will still have it in stock in half an hour. Again, we’re updating the list around the clock. If it’s looking a little short, be sure to circle back a little bit later.

  • PS4 Pro (1TB) at Amazon

  • PS4 Pro (1TB) at Best Buy

  • PS4 Pro (1TB) at Walmart


We should note that we have only featured products that have been priced fairly and aren’t being offloaded at an extortionate markup. The consoles featured above cost near enough the same as they did this time last year, with a couple even selling at a discount. As always, you can rest assured you’re getting the best price by shopping through Digital Trends.

After something a bit different? Here’s where to buy the Nintendo Switch. We’ve also rounded up all the best Xbox One deals and the best Black Friday PlayStation 4 deals out there at the moment, including a must-have offer on the Xbox One S All-Digital (1TB). You’ll probably want to act fast for those too, though. Something tells us they won’t be around for long …

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