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Best Black Friday PlayStation deals 2021: PS4 and PS5

Shopping for the best PlayStation deals, during this week of Black Friday sales? You’ll be excited to know that Black Friday deals have started! Retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart pulled their best deals out of the vault, allowing you to get a headstart on the holiday shopping rush. And we recommend taking advantage of these deals when you can, there’s no telling what kind of shortages and shipping delays we’ll see closer to the holidays! If you’re a gamer, make sure to pay attention to the amazing offers from retailers to avoid missing out on great discounts. For PlayStation fans, this means seizing the opportunity to buy the PlayStation 4 or further expand your console’s library, even while the PlayStation 5 continues to generate massive hype. Retailers will continue to offer PlayStation 4 deals, including for PlayStation accessories, PlayStation games, and PlayStation Plus subscriptions, as not all gamers will be making the jump to the PlayStation 5 right away. Whether you choose the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you’ll find our top deals pick below!

Best Black Friday PlayStation deals

How to choose a PlayStation during Black Friday

The PlayStation 5  launched two models on November 12, namely the standard edition with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, and the Digital Edition that ditches the disc drive in exchange for a lower price. Aside from that, and the slight design change due to the missing disc drive, there’s no difference between the two PlayStation 5 versions.

If you are choosing between the disc drive-equipped standard PlayStation 5 or going disc-less with the Digital Edition, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost is the stability of your internet connection at home, as the Digital Edition will have a greater reliance on its online capabilities since you will be downloading your games. You also need to think about whether you want a physical CD collection, or if you’re fine with a digital catalog for your games.

If budget permits, you should go for the standard PlayStation 5, especially since it offers backward compatibility with most PlayStation 4 games, so you won’t miss out if you didn’t get the chance to play the console’s classics. However, that doesn’t mean that the PlayStation 4 is no longer a good buy. With its portfolio of exclusives that include The Last of Us Remastered, The Last of Us Part II, Spider-Man, God of War, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and many more, you won’t be running out of games to play on the PlayStation 4 any time soon.

The PlayStation 4 is also available in two models, namely the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. If you are set on buying a PlayStation 4, you should aim to buy the PlayStation 4 Pro, as it comes with a CPU and GPU boost. It also maximizes support for 4K gaming.

If you already own the PlayStation 4 and you’re not yet planning to upgrade to the PlayStation 5, there are still many deals to watch for this Black Friday. You can add to your library of games or buy accessories such as controllers to further expand your PlayStation 4 arsenal. You can also choose to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus membership to enable online multiplayer and gain access to tons of free games.

Should you buy a PlayStation during Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last major sales event of the year where you can find the best and most affordable PlayStation deals. This means that the next time you see deals as good as this won’t be until 2021. It’s also the best time to stock up on cheap games and accessories, so if you’re looking to stay on a budget or save some extra cash, now’s the time to shop. Remember, though: this wasn’t your typical Black Friday. To keep up with the surge in demand due to the pandemic, most retailers launched their Black Friday PlayStation deals (and their other sales as well) online early this year, so if you see a deal you like the look of, make sure you snap it up today before stock sells out.

How much should you spend on a PlayStation on Black Friday?

Once you have decided which PlayStation model you are going to for, take a look through the deals we’ve compiled here to find out which retailer is offering the best bargains. In addition to that, you must also take into account how much you will end up spending later depending on your PlayStation variant. The digital models are cheaper but demand a more reliable and faster internet connection which over time could cost you more. The standard PlayStation variants support discs that you can share with your friends and just pay a portion of the price. You should also view buying the higher-end model as a future investment, as they are expected to last longer thanks to the added power.

While the new PlayStation 5 offers the latest hardware, you shouldn’t shy away from buying the PlayStation 4 either. It’s a perfectly capable gaming machine that will get you access to dozens of original Sony titles and future launches for at least a couple of years.

Whichever PlayStation model you go with, Black Friday is your last big chance of the year to score huge discounts, and given most retailers have already rolled out their sales, these are the best prices available — at least until next year.

Are any PlayStation deals too good to be true?

This year, most big tech retailers launched their Black Friday early, so if you’ve been looking to snag a new PlayStation gaming console, and you find a deal on one, the time to buy is now. There are Black Friday price guarantees in place, to be sure you get your product at the best price possible. It’s time to be decisive and make that purchase because if you hesitate, you might lose out on the best deals to one of the many other shoppers out there. Don’t take that risk — shop these Black Friday PlayStation deals today, but with a bit of caution. Most retailers like to purge old stock during major sales events, so if you’re looking for deals on new items, you may be hard-pressed. As with any online shopping, make sure you check all of the details of the product you are buying to be sure it is the correct version for your console.

Where to find the best PlayStation sales

  • Amazon Black Friday: Amazon is offering deals on everything for the PlayStation 4, including games to add to your library and accessories to bulk up your arsenal.
  • Best Buy Black Friday: PlayStation owners should take a look at the deals on Best Buy to help expand their gaming collection.
  • Target Black Friday: There’s a great deal on loads of Playstation 4 games right now at Target, with many titles half price.
  • Walmart Black Friday: There is no shortage of PlayStation deals on Walmart, including consoles, games, and accessories.

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