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The Nintendo Switch is sold out (almost) everywhere — here’s where to get one

The huge success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the ongoing public health challenge that is keeping people at home have left the Nintendo Switch console in short supply. Many retailers are sold out of the system, and though Nintendo promises more consoles are on the way, it’s not completely impossible to find one right now. Here is where Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems are still available.

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Photo by Matteo Grobberio on Unsplash

Getting a new standard Nintendo Switch system for the standard retail price is essentially impossible right now. Major retailers do not have the system in stock. The only place you can order one right now is eBay, and you’ll have to pay a premium — the console is currently selling for an upwards of $470, up more than $170 from the usual $300. Yikes.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is much easier to find right now, with many major retailers listing it as in stock and ready to ship. The handheld-only console can’t be docket, but the smaller, lighter console can play the same games as the original Nintendo Switch and offers up to seven hours of battery life. You won’t have to pay a premium for the boiled-down Target Switch Lite, either: Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy have it for $199.

Amazon — $199

Unlike other online retailers, Amazon currently offers nearly every color of the Switch Lite available, aside from the coral. You can pick up a gray, turquoise, or yellow Switch Lite offering, however, the latter won’t ship for several days. Delivery won’t be as quick as it would be under normal conditions — Amazon is still prioritizing nonessentials at the moment — but the Lite consoles should arrive within a week.

Target — $199

Target still has the Nintendo Switch Lite system in stock, both in its stores and for shipping online orders. The turquoise color is still available, as well as the yellow, both of which are the perfect choice for the breezy and cheerful Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Walmart — $199

Virtually the same deal as Target is available at Walmart, making it another good option if there is not a Target in the area. Players can choose between the turquoise and yellow Switch Lite. As is the case with Target, it’s also available for online shipping as well as in-store pickup, pending local availability. You can also pick up a gray Switch Lite via third-party sellers, albeit at a substantial markup.

Best Buy — $199

If you’re looking to pick up a gray Switch Lite without an exuberant markup, Best Buy is one of your best bets. The retailer currently offers both the yellow and gray variants online and in-store, depending on your location. Also, although the turquoise version is unavailable online, it supposedly will ship by May 6.

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