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Entertainment in containment

Your couch is your new best friend. Might as well turn on the TV and embrace it! And now you don’t need to feel guilty for skipping social outings and wearing sweatpants until noon. You’re being responsible.

But what to watch? When the standard 30 Rock marathon runs thin, we have all the hidden gems that never made it to your Netflix or Hulu queue. Engrossing dramas? Check. Comedic relief? Check. Enlightening documentaries to make you feel just a little less guilty about all your tube time? We’ve got that, and a lot more.

The cord-cutting revolution is here! You want to stream movies, and you want to do it for free. No problem: Here's where to find all the free movies you want.
Stuck inside? Dive into our list of top RPGs, level designers, and sports simulators to play away the day.
ces 2019 cybershoes skyrim
Whether your kids love science or music, there are some amazing podcasts out there. We've picked some of the best for all age groups, from toddlers to teens.
You may use it mostly for sending text messages for free, but you can also play games via iMessage. Here's our pick of the best iMessage games available now.
There's no shortage of impressive daily musical lineups
music earplugs review for concert feat
There's no shortage of impressive daily musical lineups
Facebook 4K video
No dates have been revealed yet for the virtual event
san diego comic con
The movie theater chain wants a piece of the VOD market
alamo drafthouse launches on demand for stay at home world
Who could have guessed that kids' flick would tear apart the movie business?
Trolls World Tour
Every day now looks like the weekend, the streaming service said
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'For a lot of people, staying at home is a luxury they can't afford,' he says
Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks into a microphone on a stage.
This will be a great chance to experience Dolby Atmos Music for the first time
rhapsody audio card twitter pearl jam
Here's everything you need to know about the big show
Lady Gaga
Here's how those living alone are dealing with social distancing
Come out of quarantine having learned something new
Woman playing the guitar
From #stayhome to #quarentineandchill, this is the new social slang
man checking phone with mask on
It all depends on how much you know
Child Using Smartphone
No credit cards and no contracts are required to get satellite radio for free
howard stern inks new deal with siriusxm sirius satellite radio show
We spoke to real doctors who deal with actual viruses
how accurate are pandemic movies netflix contagion outbreak movie 1995 suits
Wouldn't it make more sense for us to enjoy some escapism?
jude law in contagion
You can now survive quarantine with your favorite bands
music earplugs review for concert header
Here's our choices for the best binge-worthy TV series that can provide countless hours of entertainment.
Julia Garner Ozark