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Fortnite Slap Splash: where to find and how to use them

Fortnite players certainly aren’t strangers to healing items, as the beloved battle royale is consistently cycling through a variety of new and old restorative products to help keep squads alive and kicking. As this year’s summer shenanigans continue on the island, Epic has revealed a brand-new healing item to the mix in the way of Slap Splashes. These function similarly to the ever-popular Chug Splashes, allowing you to heal yourself and others around you, but they have a couple of key differences you should be aware of. Here’s where to find Slap Splashes and how they work.

Where to get Slap Slashes in Fortnite

Slap Splashes come in stacks of two and can be found on the ground, in chests, and even by shooting down drones or claiming points of interest (POIs). In other words, you shouldn’t have many issues rounding these up just about anywhere you go. Additionally, an Exotic version of the Slap Splash item can be found by eliminating Loot Llamas or opening Holo-Chests, which will provide even more health and energy regen than the standard version.

How Slap Splashes work

Slap Splashes are essentially just multiple bottles of Slap Juice combined, allowing you to toss them out to splash yourself and your surrounding teammates for some extra health and energy regen. When carrying the Slap Splashes, you can simply use them to heal 15 HP per splash while granting you and your squad unlimited energy for 30 seconds, meaning you can sprint for an extended period of time without worrying about having to stop or slow down.

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Epic Games

Given that the Slap Splashes don’t actually heal for very much means that the energy restoration properties are the main boon here. This makes Slap Splashes an excellent choice for aiding your team with escaping sticky situations — if you can manage to get everyone grouped together for the splash. When playing with a group of four, it’s probably a good idea that a minimum of two people keep a collection of Slap Splashes on them at all times to ensure everyone can get splashes during these scenarios, as you generally don’t want to leave a buddy behind.

Of course, having this item around for engagement is equally useful. When you want to rapidly descend on a squad you’ve wounded, you can use the Slap Splash right before heading into battle to give your whole team that lovely constant energy regen that your foes may not have. Those 30 seconds of unlimited sprinting may not sound like long, but you’d be surprised at how fast you can end things with a shotgun when you’re able to run up on a team so quickly!

Slap Splashes provide some immensely useful utility with a bit of healing as a bonus, so don’t forget to ping them for your pals, as at least a few people in your squad should have these on them at all times. Since you can hold up to six of these at once, you shouldn’t need to pass them up very often. If you see one laying about and your team is already at full capacity, it never hurts to go ahead and splash everyone and then replenish your stocks with that extra Slap Splash — you never know when things are going to get wild.

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