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Xbox Series S appeared in the background of Phil Spencer interviews months ago

The Xbox Series S, which was recently officially revealed by Microsoft, was actually hiding in plain sight months ago in interviews with Xbox head Phil Spencer.

With its smaller build compared with the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S will fit easier in tight spaces. Apparently, that includes bookshelves in Spencer’s home.

Fun fact: Xbox Series S is so small @XboxP3 had it sitting on his bookshelf back on July 1 and nobody noticed. ????

Did you spot it @SethSchiesel?

— Xbox (@Xbox) September 11, 2020

The interview where the Xbox Series S was actually first seen was part of the Gamelab Conference, where Spencer spoke with journalist Seth Schiesel. The interview was streamed on June 24, but the video was not uploaded to YouTube until July 1.

#GAMELAB20 Keynote Fireside: On the verge of a new generation with Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox)

The Xbox Series X appeared in another interview in July with sisters Justine and Jenna Ezarik, who were also surprised by the Easter egg.

WOW! Me and @jennaezarik interviewed @XboxP3 at the end of July and he had the new @XBOX Series S hidden on his book shelf the entire time!! Definitely did NOT see that!!

— iJustine (@ijustine) September 11, 2020

ID@Xbox developer account manager Neil Holmes and ID@Xbox director of global partnership management Agostino Simonetta apparently noticed that the Xbox Series S was behind Spencer, but of course, they did not reveal that until now.

We did notice, right ???? @_ninge_ ?

— Ago@Xbox (@stiniuk) September 11, 2020

Xbox Series S, Series X price and release date

A report preemptively revealed the Xbox Series S, the digital-only version of the Xbox Series X, with a price of $299 and a November 10 release date.

Microsoft has since confirmed the Xbox Series S, including its price and release date, followed by the $499 price and the same launch date for the Xbox Series X. Pre-orders for both consoles will start on September 22.

With Microsoft finally confirming the price and release date of its next-generation console, gamers are hoping that Sony will soon reveal the same details for the PlayStation 5.

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