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Xbox Series X launch date tipped for November 6

Microsoft promised to launch the Xbox Series X in November, but a new leak may have pinpointed exactly when the next-generation console will hit store shelves.

Microsoft could launch the Xbox Series X on November 6, if the console’s controller packaging is to be believed. Stickers on boxes housing Microsoft’s Xbox Series X controller have leaked online with text that reads “do not sell or display before November 6, 2020.” The Verge reporter Tom Warren tweeted a picture of the sticker on Tuesday, August 11, and said a source told him Microsoft is indeed launching the Xbox Series X on November 6.

The leak comes days after a user bought an Xbox Series X controller from an online reseller. The controller box also references the Xbox Series S, a more budget-friendly, discless console that Microsoft is rumored to be working on but has yet to announce. It’s believed, though unconfirmed, that the Xbox Series S could launch at around the same time as the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has been coy about its eventual Xbox Series X launch date, and has only said it will be available later this year. “Xbox Series X will set a new bar for power, speed, and compatibility, launching this November,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Digital Trends. “Beyond that, we have nothing further to share.”

Sony, which will launch its PlayStation 5 this year, has similarly promised a holiday season launch date for its next-generation console.

In addition to the sticker, Warren said the controller’s limited warranty ends on November 5, 2021. Microsoft’s controller warranties typically last a year, which lends even more credibility to the possibility that the console will launch on November 6.

Although it would make sense for controllers and consoles to launch at the same time, without Microsoft’s confirmation, the possibility that accessories could hit stores early can’t be discounted.

Amid Microsoft’s plans for its next-gen console launch, the company hit a snag after announcing that the release of the highly anticipated game Halo Infinite will be delayed to 2021. Microsoft planned to launch the game around the Xbox Series X launch date, but after premiering the title’s gameplay footage last month, players balked at its less-than-stellar graphics. Microsoft has since promised to improve the game’s look and feel before launch.

Updated on August 12, 2020, to include Microsoft’s statement.

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