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Zenless Zone Zero launches this July, and it’s not just coming to mobile

The cast of Zenless Zone Zero poses.

Zenless Zone Zero just got a surprise release date. The upcoming action RPG will launch on July 4 for PlayStation 5, PC, Android and iOS.

Revealed at Summer Game Fest 2022, Zenless Zone Zero is the latest game from Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail studio Mihoyo. Like its previous titles, it’s a stylish free-to-play RPG built with mobile in mind. This one is a postapocalyptic sci-fi game set in New Eridu, the last remaining city following a series of supernatural disasters. The game has been in closed beta for a bit now, but that has come to an end as the studio gets ready for its summer release.

What’s most notable here is that the game will simultaneously launch across mobile devices, as well as PC and PS5. Previous Mihoyo games have launched first on mobile before coming to consoles later. The RPG will feature crossplay and cross-progression across platforms at launch.

There’s a catch for PC players. Zenless Zone Zero will only be available through the Epic Games Store and will not be available on Steam. Players can preregister on the platform now, as well as the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the PlayStation Store.

Mihoyo is rolling out several freebies for players who jump in at launch. Players will get Corin, one of the game’s playable agents, as well as 20 Master Tapes, the currency used to summon rare heroes. Players can also grab 30,000 Dennies and a currency called Boopons.

Zenless Zone Zero launches for free on July 4 for PS5, PC, iOS, and Android..

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