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Bose refreshes its home theater lineup with a new sound bar, surround sound systems

Over the summer, Bose finally clipped the wires on its noise-cancelling headphones, making them even better in the process. Now the company is thinking much bigger, unveiling the new SoundTouch 300 sound bar and two new Lifestyle-branded home-entertainment systems.

The SoundTouch 300 measures 38.5 inches wide, 2.25 inches high, and 4.25 deep, but Bose says that it provides sound much bigger than those measurements would indicate. The sound bar includes an HDMI port with ARC (audio return channel), allowing for easy syncing of audio, and mobile devices can also connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

“We pushed the boundaries of size, sound, and design like nothing else available in the category,” Bose general manager of audio-for-video Pete Ogley said in a statement. “We added Bluetooth to Wi-Fi so you can stream anything, instantly. And because it doubles as a wireless music system and home theater system, you’ll get an incredible experience whether you’re listening to your playlists, enjoying Netflix, or watching the game — all from one gorgeous speaker.”

Bose has been massaging audio waves in order to squeeze big sound out of little devices for years, and here it’s using a variation on that technique — called PhaseGuide — to create clear left and right channels, even though the sound is coming from a single bar. To make this as effective as possible, the SoundTouch 300 uses ADAPTiQ calibration, which lets the speaker automatically calibrate itself to whatever room you have set it up in. No subwoofer is included, but the sound bar can be paired with other Bose speakers, such as its Acoustimass bass module or matched surround speakers.

If you’re looking for something with more speakers but still want the ease of use that Bose has built much of its reputation on, the new Lifestyle 650 system might be more what you’re looking for. This features Bose’s new OmniJewel satellite speakers — its smallest yet at just over 5.5 inches high and less than 2 inches wide — matched with a slim, center channel speaker and base module for a fully wireless 5.1 surround system.

“Our new Lifestyle 650 system is remarkable,” Ogley said. “For people who want the finest quality in sound, aesthetics, materials, and build, there’s nothing else like it. When it’s seen and heard for the first time, it simply suspends belief.”

Like the SoundTouch 300, the Lifestyle 650 and 600 each have ADAPTiQ calibration, as well as Bose’s Unify feature which walks new users though the entire setup process. Each system also features a total of six HDMI inputs, with the 600 swapping out the OmniJewel speakers for slightly larger Jewel Cube speakers and a Jewel Cube center channel speaker.

The SoundTouch 300 will sell for $700, while the Acoustimass 300 bass module and Virtually Invisible-branded surround speakers sell for $700 and $300, respectively. The Lifestyle 650 and 600 sell for $4,000 and $3,000. All of these products will be available beginning in October.

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