Hisense’s new T880 is the everyman’s 4K TV

hisenses new 4k tv priced move today t880 pr edit

Chinese manufacturer and Best Buy darling, Hisense, is making another strong play to land in your living room today, unveiling its new price-busting 55-inch 4K TV, the T880.

Coming in at $2,000, the T880 is one of the most manageably-priced UHD TVs available on the market right now, bringing the bleeding-edge technology below the price of top-tier 1080p models from tier-1 manufacturers like Sony, LG and Samsung.

The new TV is stocked with a bevy of options including 4 HDMI/HDCP inputs with a true UHD input (for the moment, we’re guessing this means HDMI 2.0, but we’ve got a request in to Hisense for clarification), a USB media player connection, a 178-degree viewing angle, and an LED backlight that includes ULED dimming, as well as Hisense’s PureColor Reproduction, and SMR 120 Smooth Motion Rate. It also comes loaded with a respectable selection of smart apps including an Opera browser, loads of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Pandora, and social media apps like Twitter and Facebook.

Hisense has struggled to gain traction in the U.S. with its regular LCD lineup due to performance that hasn’t been able to match up with dominant market leaders. Still, with eye-scorching 4K brilliance at a price that’s well below many 1080p models, the new T880 makes for a tempting new addition to the LCD landscape. With little to no 4K content available, the big question is: How does it look producing 1080p HD content?

The T880 is available today, so you can see for yourself if Hisense’s latest masterpiece is worth bringing home.