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Memorial Day TV sales: 34 best deals on LG, Samsung, Sony, and more

Memorial Day sales are underway right now with plenty of great TV deals going on throughout many retailers right now. If you’ve been looking to buy one of the best TVs while still scoring a discount, now is the perfect time to do so. Memorial Day means there are some excellent deals on the best TV brands and beyond. To help you figure out where the best TV deals are, we’ve picked out all our favorites from popular TV brands, rounding up all the best early Memorial Day deals right now.

Best LG Memorial Day TV deals

Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

LG is particularly great at producing the best OLED TVs with OLED technology meaning that each pixel you see on screen lights up independently of the others. That leads to incredibly dark blacks while there are hugely vibrant colors too. It’s the perfect combination for a cinematic style level of quality in your home and well-suited for gaming or movie watching. Here are the best LG Memorial Day TV deals right now.

  • LG 65-inch UQ75 Series 4K TV —
  • LG 48-inch C3 Series OLED TV —
  • LG 75-inch Class 80 Series QNED 4K TV —
  • LG 55-inch C3 Series OLED TV —
  • LG 65-inch C3 Series OLED TV —
  • LG 65-inch C4 Series OLED TV —
  • LG 77-inch G3 Series OLED TV —

Best TCL Memorial Day TV deals

A sunset scene on a TCL Q7 TV.
TCL Q7 Chris Hagan / Digital Trends

TCL is generally best known for providing exceptional value when it comes to TV purchases. However, it’s also made some TVs worthy of thinking about if you’re eying up the best QLED TVs. With some great bargains available even outside of sales events, Memorial Day TV deals are even better with reaping huge rewards when you buy TCL.

  • TCL 40-inch S3 HDTV —
  • TCL 55-inch S4 S-Class 4K TV —
  • TCL 65-inch Q6 Q-Class QLED TV —
  • TCL 55-inch Q7 Q-Class QLED TV —
  • TCL 75-inch Q7 Q-Class QLED TV —
  • TCL 75-inch QM8 Q-Class Mini-LED QLED TV —
  • TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV —

Best Sony Memorial Day TV deals

The Sony Bravia XR X93L 4K Google TV hanging over a media center in a living room.

Sony is a fairly aspirational TV brand as it’s been so well established for such a long time that many people immediately home in on buying a Sony TV where possible. Sony TVs tend to command a premium because of that but they’re frequently worth it with some high-end features designed to enhance picture quality. PlayStation 5 owners can keep an eye out for certain models which have dedicated features for enhancing the console’s picture quality even further. The brand is also well known for making fantastic OLED TVs as well as mini-LED models like the Sony Bravia X93L. If you’re buying Sony, you’re buying a strong investment.

  • Sony 43-inch X77L 4K TV —
  • Sony 55-inch X80K 4K TV —
  • Sony 65-inch X85K 4K TV —
  • Sony 65-inch Bravia XR X90L 4K TV —
  • Sony 55-inch Bravia XR A75L OLED TV —
  • Sony 65-inch Bravia XR X93 Mini-LED TV —
  • Sony 77-inch Bravia XR A80L OLED TV —

Best Vizio Memorial Day TV deals

The Vizio 75-inch V-Series TV in a living room environment being watched by the whole family.

Vizio produces both very inexpensive budget TVs while also having a keen line in excellent QLED TVs that are particularly adept for gaming. Early Vizio Memorial Day TV deals are a little slim on the ground but what is there is pretty great value. That goes for if you’re looking for a super cheap TV for your kid’s bedroom or you want a high-end QLED TV to entertain you in the living room.

  • Vizio 24-inch D-Series FHD TV —
  • Vizio 32-inch D-Series FHD TV —
  • Vizio 50-inch M6 QLED TV —
  • Vizio 75-inch Quantum Pro QLED TV —

Best Samsung Memorial Day TV deals

The Samsung S90C in a living room environment.

If you wanted to narrow down the best TV brands to just three — they’d be LG, Sony, and Samsung. Samsung focuses on its QLED range with Neo QLED a huge deal right now. Its OLED TV range is also worth considering. Finally, Samsung also develops some great inexpensive 4K TVs for anyone who doesn’t need the latest technology with generally good options available for every price range. Tizen is an operating system that’s well loved by many which further helps make Samsung even more appealing. These early Memorial Day TV deals are already proving to be great value.

  • Samsung 65-inch TU690T 4K TV —
  • Samsung 43-inch Q60C QLED TV —
  • Samsung 55-inch Q60D QLED TV —
  • Samsung 55-inch QN90C Neo QLED TV —
  • Samsung 85-inch Q60C QLED TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch The Frame QLED TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch QN90C Neo QLED TV —
  • Samsung 77-inch S90C OLED TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch The Terrace Outdoor QLED TV —

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