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Netflix teases the return of Pablo Escobar with new ‘Narcos’ season 2 photos

As Netflix says, “history is the biggest spoiler,” so we’re going into Narcos season 2 well aware that Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura) will die. Knowing the outcome doesn’t matter, though; first look photos released by Netflix Tuesday show that there will be no shortage of interesting storylines to keep us hooked during the upcoming season.

Season 2 will again focus on the war between Escobar’s infamous Medellin Cartel and the government agencies fighting to shut it down. The new photos feature members of the ruthless cartel, which was at the height of its power in the 1980s and early 1990s, along with family members and DEA agents. Along with Moura, Narcos stars Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal, Paulina Gaitan, and more.

Netflix has hailed season 1 as a success, even claiming it might be bigger than HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Escobar’s older brother, Roberto, on the other hand, has shared criticism of the series. He recently claimed there were historical inaccuracies and sent a letter to Netflix requesting the opportunity to review season 2 before it becomes available for streaming. The elder Escobar is also seeking monetary compensation from the streamer, to the tune of a whopping $1 billion.

Roberto Escobar has said that he will take legal action if necessary, but the fact that Netflix released the first look photos Tuesday likely indicates that there hasn’t been any kind of snag to prevent the series from releasing this fall as planned. Netflix seems to understand fans’ need for a fix. A post accompanying the photos on the Narcos Facebook page read, “To ease your withdrawal.”

Narcos is executive produced by José Padilha and Eric Newman, and the series is produced by Gaumont Television for Netflix. Season 2 will return with 10 episodes, starting on September 2.

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