The Nuu Splash wireless speaker is not scared of your squirt gun

nuu splash

Nuu has thrown yet another Bluetooth speaker into what is becoming a a very crowded pool. But, since this one is water-resistant, maybe it will survive the dive. 

Clearly, the new Nuu offers more than just fun with homophones, sporting an aircraft-grade aluminum exterior, a built-in microphone, and a rechargeable battery that is said will crank tunes for ten hours. As for sound quality: we expect it will sound more or less like every other aluminum-clad Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever heard. Hey, did we mention this thing is waterproof…sort of?

The lightweight speaker is capable of withstanding low-pressure water streams, rendering it both spill and tiny squirt-gun proof. Compare it to the JLab Crasher we looked at late last year – it’s a fun, convenient speaker with a little spunk. If you’re in the market for something beefier, check out  Polk Audio’s Woodbourne instead.

The Splash is available now for $80 in green, blue, gray, red and black.