Peachtree Audio launching new deepblue three-way Bluetooth speaker

Peachtree Audio deepblue 

Peachtree Audio has introduced a new three-way Bluetooth speaker it’s calling deepblue, a single-box system that is meant to offer big sound in a small package. If that sounds like a familiar tag line, it is. But Peachtree has a way of producing audio gear that sounds spectacular, and that has us taking a close look at this speaker with some eager anticipation of hearing it soon. 

The deepblue has five custom speakers with a 6.5-inch bass driver, two 3-inch mid-range drivers and two 1-inch soft dome tweeters — hence, where Peachtree forms “a true three-way speaker”. For power, it has a 240 watt five-channel amplifier, which is double what you would typically find in most wireless speakers, according to the company.

While Bluetooth is the focus, the 3.5mm audio input ensures that the unit will work with a simple wired connection, too. The remote has been simplified by offering 12 buttons for control, with just three on the deepblue itself. Devices with AVRCP, which is short for the audio/video remote control profile found in later Bluetooth protocols and most smartphones, means you can control your music playback via the remote instead of the phone, if need be.

Peachtree also added a four-step digital bass equalizer to the deepblue, which is supposed to adjust the bass to sound just right, regardless of what song is playing and what room it’s in. A 17-step volume control offers more precise volume, while the digital signal processor plays around with the frequency response to ensure nothing comes out distorted.

“deepblue uses the most powerful amplifier in its class and overbuilt custom speakers to produce a surprising amount of sound. People’s faces light up when they hear deepblue,” said Jonathan Derda, Director of Training for Peachtree Audio. “Our engineers exploited the laws of physics and tweaked the Digital Signal Processing to produce a level of sound quality that is unlike any other wireless speaker currently on the market.”

The deepblue speaker will come in black or gray and sell for $400 from Peachtree’s website and select retailers starting in June.