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You can now watch four PlayStation Vue streams at once on a single Apple TV

PlayStation Vue subscribers who own Apple TVs are getting an exciting new feature just in time for March Madness: Multi-view, which allows you to watch up to four different live TV channels at once on a single screen.

The feature will enable those with PlayStation Vue subscriptions and a love of college basketball to tune into four games at once during the big tournament, making it easier than ever for them to keep their brackets updated.

Multi-view has long been one of the most popular PlayStation Vue features for those who watch the service through an actual Playstation but is limited to just three simultaneous live streams on the video game console, meaning Apple TV actually offers a better multi-view experience than Sony’s own device. That’s a bit odd, but it also means that those with both Apple TV and a PlayStation may choose to watch events like March Madness on the Apple TV, rather than their gaming console.

Still, those with just Apple TV will probably be stoked, as there really is no better way to make sure you keep up on every bit of the basketball action than to have as many games as possible on at once. And given that excellent big-screen TVs and projectors are now more affordable than ever, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic viewing experience, regardless of whether you’re watching the big games via a PlayStation, Apple TV, or other popular streaming devices.

You’ve even got a pretty solid window to see if you like what PlayStation Vue is selling: If you’re interested in trying out PlayStation Vue now that you’re hearing about its multi-stream viewing possibilities for March Madness, check out the website. It is currently offering a free five-day trial to prospective subscribers, which may be all you need until your favorite team is knocked out of the tournament.

Those looking for more info on the popular cord-cutting TV service should check out our full PlayStation Vue explainer, which has everything you need to know about the biggest features, potential pitfalls, and the vast number of channels you can get through Sony’s live TV streaming service.

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