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SiriusXM’s new VIP plan covers two cars and lots of concerts

With streaming music services like Apple Music and Spotify increasing their subscriber numbers each year, it’s no wonder that SiriusXM is looking to differentiate itself as much as possible. Traditionally, it has done so with exclusive content like its two dedicated Howard Stern channels, but today it’s taking a slightly different approach with the announcement of a new, high-priced subscription tier for its biggest fans. The new Platinum VIP subscription costs $35 per month and is the first SiriusXM plan to give subscribers access to content in two vehicles.

In addition to the two-vehicle allowance, the Platinum VIP plan includes two separate accounts for streaming the company’s more than 300 channels via the Sirius SXM app for smartphones. Along with this increased listening flexibility, SiriusXM is sweetening the pot with some extra content. Thanks to a partnership with, Platinum VIP members get access to more than 5,000 live concert recordings and 250 video-on-demand concerts when they use their SXM app credentials to log into via the mobile app or website. will also offer Platinum VIP members exclusive recordings and custom playlists featuring artists that have their own SiriusXM 24/7 channels, including Bruce Springsteen, Phish, Pearl Jam, and Dave Matthews, Metallica, Wilco, and others. If that’s not enough to justify spending $35 per month, the top tier also includes access to SiriusXM events with artists, athletes, and stars. You’ll also get faster access to SiriusXM’s customer service team because of a special queue just for VIP customers.

With the launch of the Platinum VIP tier, SiriusXM is also taking the opportunity to rebrand several of its other subscription plans:

  • All Access is now called the Platinum Plan.
  • Select is now called the Music & Entertainment Plan.
  • Mostly Music is now called the Music Showcase Plan.
  • Choice is now called the Choose & Save Plan.
  • Premier is now called the Streaming Platinum Plan.
  • Essential is now called the Streaming Music & Entertainment Plan.
  • Choice Streaming is now called the Streaming Choose & Save Plan.

Finally, SiriusXM has also updated its smartphone app experience. A new user can open up the SXM app and select the “Try It Out” option, giving them a three-hour preview that lets them hear a wide range of SiriusXM content including the company’s biggest channels like Howard Stern, Drake’s Sound 42, Dave Matthews’ Friday Night Concert Series, and sports play-by-play broadcast and much more. The preview can be accessed without a credit card and if you like what you hear, you can choose to sign up for SiriusXM’s Streaming Platinum or Streaming Music & Entertainment packages (with the first month free) from within the SXM app.

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