Sonos systems get Spotify Connect support, currently in public beta

Sonos Play:1
Earlier this year, Sonos announced two big features for users at an event held in New York. One feature was support for Amazon Alexa, and the other was Spotify Connect support, which wasn’t available to most users at the time. While Spotify Connect for Songs still hasn’t been officially released by the company, the feature was finally opened up for beta today, giving users of most platforms the chance to try it out early.

With this new feature, Sonos has become the only whole-home sound system that can be controlled entirely from the Spotify app, with no other controls necessary, including the ability to send whatever you’re listening to on Spotify to any nearby Sonos speaker. The feature even allows users to control their Sonos systems from Spotify without needing to be connected to Wi-Fi.

As part of the new Sprotify Connect support, two party-friendly features have been added to Sonos systems. The first allows listeners to control the volume in multiple rooms at once from the Spotify app. The second allows visitors to play their own music from Spotify on your Sonos system, without any additional setup or the need to download and install the Spotify app.


The Spotify Connect for Sonos beta is available to those using the app on PC, Mac, and Android platforms, though for the time being, iOS users aren’t able to access the beta — they’ll have to wait for the official release instead. To sign up for the beta and get started, head to the Sonos website.

The beta for Spotify Connect isn’t the only news to come out of Sonos today. The company also announced that its long-awaited white SUB wireless subwoofer is available starting today. The SUB sells for $700 and is compatible will all powered Sonos models: the CONNECT:AMP. PLAY:5, PLAY:3, PLAY:1, and PLAYBAR.

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