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One of the best TVs you can buy comes out May 1, and it’s shockingly affordable

TCL has been making TVs for some time now, but in recent years, the manufacturer has become one of the major players in the game. The company seems poised to continue down that path, as its 6-Series Roku-powered 4K TVs impressed us at CES this year, combining excellent features with a minimalist yet attractive metal design. Considering the low price tags often found on TCL TVs, it could be one of the best buys of the year, and we don’t have long to find out, as the company announced on Tuesday, March 20, that the 6-Series will arrive on May 1.

Building on top of last year’s P-Series, which remains our pick for the best budget LCD TV of 2017, the 6-Series adds more local dimming zone for improved contrast, with 96 zones in the 55-inch model and 120 in the 65-inch model. As has increasingly been the case with TCL’s Roku TVs, the 6-Series features high dynamic range (HDR) which makes for more vivid colors, brighter brights, and darker blacks, and like the P-Series, this line also features Dolby Vision in addition to HDR10. The 6-Series also features TCL’s HDR Pro Gamma, which adjusts the picture across the TV’s multiple zones to adapt to the lighting in your room.

It could be one of the best buys of the year, and we don’t have long to find out.

Looking at other features, the 6-Series features three HDMI 2.0a ports, all of which support HDCP 2.2 to ensure compatibility with the most recent UHD Blu-ray players and other hardware. Network connectivity is provided by 802.11ac Wi-Fi, as well as a wired Ethernet connection for those who would rather remain plugged in.

Though you could plug in a streaming box, many people will find there is no need to thanks to the Roku OS powering the TV. Roku OS 8 was introduced in the fall of 2017, adding a new Smart Guide that integrates local over-the-air broadcast channels alongside your Roku streaming channels for a more streamlined interface. All the standard streaming services you’d expect are available on the platform, including mainstays like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

While we now know when the 6-Series will be released, TCL has yet to officially announce a price. The company has previously said that the 55-inch 6-Series model will be priced the same as the same size P-Series model at $650, though the price for the 65-inch model remains a mystery for now.

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