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Toshiba unveils 3D TV without glasses

toshiba 3d tvUnveiled today at CEATEC 2010 in Tokyo, this is one of the largest announcements to come out of the electronics show; and for good reason.

The flat screen TV is intended to go on sale to the public and will be available in 12- and 20- inch sizes.  Toshiba claims the TV will be able to easily and quickly switch between 2D and 3D modes.

So how did they do it?

Toshiba’s explains,”The newly developed technological innovation for 3D-TVs without glasses uses an integral imaging system. It provides nine different perspectives (parallaxes) of each single 2D frame which the viewer’s brain superimposes to create a 3-dimensional impression of the image. Toshiba achieved this thanks to its engineers’ huge knowledge of display technology and of semiconductor and software design. They developed a powerful engine and an algorithm to extrapolate these perspectives out of the 2D frame and used a perpendicular lenticular sheet, an array of lenses, that enable the viewer’s brain to superimpose the perspectives. It also offers a wide viewing area in front of the display and allows movement of the eyes and head without disrupting the 3D image and without the discomfort sometimes associated with other ‘glasses-less’ 3D technologies.”

Good luck wrapping your head around that. The fact is the technology is here and it’s coming into your family room. 3D technology is still in it’s infancy, so don’t worry, there’s not a whole lot to watch in 3D now anyways. But that market is expected to begin blossoming with more 3D television offerings being created to meet the demand.

Toshiba’s 3D television will be available at the end of December 2010 in Japan. No word on when the TV will reach Europe and North America.

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