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Amazon smashes prices of Ring Alarm system kits by 40% with a free Echo Dot

If’ you’ve been waiting for a sale on Ring’s Alexa-compatible DIY Home security alarms, this is it. Matching the best prices we saw during last year’s Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales, Amazon just smashed the prices on Ring Alarm systems kits by 40% with a free third-generation Echo Dot.

Each Ring Alarm kit includes a Base Station with a 104-decibel siren, a Keypad to arm or disarm the system (which you can also do with the Ring App or Alexa), one or more Contact Sensors for windows or doors, a Motion Detector, and a Wi-Fi Range Extender.

The Base Station, Keypad, and Range Extender plug into AC outlets. The sensors and motion detectors are battery-powered with battery life rated to last approximately three years. The biggest attraction of battery-powered devices is their ease of installation. As long as they’re within about 250-feet of the Ring Alarm Base Station, you can pretty much stick them anywhere. The Wi-Fi Range Extender reinforces the wireless connection.

You don’t need an Alexa device to monitor the Ring Alarm kits, because you can monitor and control the system remotely with the free Ring app. With Alexa-compatible smart speakers or smart displays, such as the included Echo Dot smart speaker or an Echo Show 5 smart display, you can use voice commands to control the alarm system.

Ring Alarm kits all have Ring Protect service at no extra cost. The free service includes motion-activated notifications to your smartphone, real-time Live View video with any Ring-compatible connected smart cameras, two-way talk with Ring video doorbells and properly equipped security lights and cameras, and lifetime theft protection. The optional Ring Protect Plus plan costs $10 a month or $100 a year. It includes 24/7 professional monitoring service, extended warranties for all Ring devices at your address, and 10% off select Ring devices.

So if you’ve been waiting for the prices to drop again for Ring Alarm kits, this is it. These five deals can help you save up to $160.

Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit + Echo Dot — $110 off

The Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit includes a Ring base station, keypad, one window or door contact sensor, a motion detector, and a Wi-Fi range extender. This bundle also includes a third-generation Echo Dot. The 5-Piece Kit is an excellent chance to set up a basic home alarm system to protect the interior of your home and one door or window — you can always buy extra sensors and detectors later if you decide to add to the system.

Normally priced at $249 purchased separately, the Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit with the Echo Dot is just $139.

Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit + Echo Dot — $120 off

The Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit includes a Ring base station, keypad, three window or door contact sensors, two motion detectors, and a Wi-Fi range extender. An Echo Dot comes with this bundle, although not pictured above. With this configuration, you can protect any combination of up to three doors windows.

Usually $239 when purchased at the same time as an Echo Dot, the Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit including a free Echo Dot is just $169 this sale.

Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Kit + Echo Dot — $140 off

The Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Kit includes a Ring base station, one keypad, five window or door contact sensors, two motion detectors, and a Wi-Fi range extender. This bundle does not include either a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector, but it has a smoke and carbon monoxide listener that sends an alert to your smartphone when your existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors sound alarms.

Regularly priced $349 purchased together, the Ring Alarm Smoke and  CO Kit with an Echo Dot is just $209 during this sale.

Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit + Echo Dot — $150 off

The Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit includes a Ring base station, two keypads, eight window or door contact sensors, two motion detectors, and a Wi-Fi range extender.

Ordinarily $379 if purchased separately, the Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit with the Echo Dot is $229 during this sale. This is an excellent opportunity to buy a Ring Alarm system with the greatest number of standard sensors and detectors.

Ring Alarm Enhanced Protection Kit + Echo Dot — $160 off

The Ring Alarm Enhanced Protection Kit includes a Ring base station, one keypad, seven window or door contact sensors, two motion detectors, and a Wi-Fi range extender. You’ll also get a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm listener, a flood and freeze sensor, and a panic button that sounds the siren when you press it for three seconds or longer.

Instead of the usual $409 combined price, Amazon cut the Ring Alarm Enhanced Protection Kit with an Echo Dot to just $249 during this sale. This deal gives you the widest selection of Ring Alarm components at the best possible price.

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