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Best 4k security cameras of 2022

Security cameras are one of the best ways to increase home security. Of course, nearly with any camera, you'll want it to have the highest resolution possible. Today, that resolution has plateaued at 4K quality — which provides a lot of detail.

A security camera with 4K reduces the need to zoom digitally because of its improved quality and resolution, making it easier to identify objects. Many brands are starting to incorporate 4K quality lenses into their cameras. As expected, NVR and DVR cameras are upgrading quicker than smart cameras, likely due to fewer materials to update, as well as pricing.

Here are our 4 picks for the best 4K capable security cameras on the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5MP better than 4K?

All of the 4K cameras on this list have an 8MP camera quality, allowing more detail than what 5MP provides. 8MP is the minimum for 4K, while 2MP is the minimum for 1080p. So, 5MP is akin to 2K quality.

Is 4K surveillance worth it?

The value in 4K depends on the needs of the homeowner. This resolution allows for more detail, making it easier to see objects and identify any persons of interest. The downside of 4K is the added expense.

What security camera has the highest resolution?

4K is the highest resolution we've seen on security cameras we've tested. All of these cameras have 4K resolution, aka 3140 x 2160.

How much does a 4K security camera cost?

4K security cameras have an added cost due to the higher resolution sensors. The price averages around $400-$600 for most systems, but you can find some models as low as $300.

All in all, 4K is the best of the current crop of security cameras. Many of them include some of the more standard features we're used to, including motion detection and color night vision. Better monitoring includes better security, so if price isn't a concern, we definitely suggest ensuring your next system has 4K capabilities. If you need a system that tightly integrates with a smart home ecosystem, though, you're going to have to be a little more patient.

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