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Boxx brings body-sized punching bag workouts to the living room

As at-home workout solutions grew through the course of the pandemic, boxing rose to the forefront. It’s a beginner-friendly way to burn calories and get in shape, and it’s well-suited for even small spaces. That said, many boxing workouts are still a bit larger than they need to be for smaller spaces like studio apartments.

Boxx changes that with a full-sized punching bag that is designed so that it can be moved easily throughout the home and tucked away when not in use, for the fraction of the cost of other workout options. Boxx is a full-sized punching bag that is built to take a beating. It rises from a base section that is designed to stay still and steady, minimizing force transfer so that it doesn’t shake the house.

The smart aspect of the workout comes from the Bluetooth trackers built into the gloves. These are used to measure count, speed, power, and direction of every punch. You can stream classes through your phone, TV, or tablet to take part in a variety of workouts, but you can also extend these sessions to include cooldown and warmup periods, yoga, and much more.

Boxx Home Gym used in the living room with TV.

Leaderboards track which users performed the best in each class. Boxx wants to encourage users to compete against one another as further motivation to get in shape.

The punching bag itself is available in a cotton mix or with a vegan leather covering in four colors: Pitch black, bold blue, cool grey, or muted pink. It takes up half the space of a spin bike and one-third the space of a treadmill. If you live in a larger home, you can leave the Boxx set up at all times. If you live in a smaller space, though, the integrated wheels and compact design make it easy to store out of the way until you need it again.

The Boxx is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign that will run until December 14th. It has already exceeded its funding goal. Early bird pricing is available for both the trackers and the bag. The trackers start at $160, or you can pay $620 for the trackers and the bag.

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