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This smart home climate system changes the temperature depending on who’s in the room

When your home’s heating and cooling system allows you to set just one temperature for every room in the house, it can be hard to find a setting that everyone in the household will agree on. Fortunately, smart home climate systems don’t operate on a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, they allow users to customize their settings and create the home environment that makes them most comfortable.

One such system, Flair, launched its first smart home products Wednesday, which allow users to revamp their heating and cooling system. The Puck smart room controller and Flair Smart Vent work together to give each occupant the ability to set preferences that follow the user through the home. The system uses Puck, a wireless sensor, to connect with thermostats to learn preferences, monitor each room, and make adjustments through the Smart Vent depending on the conditions.

Puck is able to keep track of ambient light, humidity, temperature, and pressure in each room, as well as whether or not they are occupied, and if so, by whom. The Smart Vent intelligently alters air flow to each room of the house based on the information. Together, the products are able to decrease energy consumption due to heating and cooling by up to 30 percent, according to the company.

“Our Smart Vent and Puck sensor work together to give users the power to heat and cool each room to their liking when they’re home, and to conserve energy while they’re away,” said Flair co-founder Daniel Myers in a press release.

Puck can be mounted on the wall, placed on furniture, or positioned on its “Trickstand,” where users can interact directly with the device by rotating it or clicking it to make adjustments and change settings. The Smart Vent is available in six sizes so far and is meant to replace traditional vents. The Flair App, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, controls the system. It also builds and configures “microapps” and allows users to control the temperature and other smart devices in the same room. (With Puck’s open API, the device can work with leading smart home integrations.)

Puck and the Smart Vent are now available for presale at $40 and $60, respectively, on Flair’s website and are set to ship this spring.

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