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GE unveils a new line of wall ovens that are compatible with Alexa

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You’re not talking to yourself in your kitchen — you’re talking to Alexa. On Tuesday, September 19, General Electric unveiled a new line of built-in appliances, all of which promise to give you access to everyone’s favorite virtual assistant. Because even if you don’t have a sous chef, you can still give orders (and have them obeyed) in the kitchen.

First up are GE Appliances’ new GE Profile and GE Café slide-in ranges that promise to help you maximize every inch of spare space in your kitchen (especially if there’s not a lot to spare). The idea is to give even the most amateur chefs a truly professional-looking kitchen, complete with edge-to-edge cooktops and connectivity. The 30-inch double oven ranges feature six burners, which means that you can really get Alexa to help you cook up a storm for your next dinner party. These ranges also claim to be the first to feature Glide Touch Controls on an induction slide-in range, and the first to have precision probe accessories included with purchase. The griddle on the Profile and Café lines also promise to be the largest available on any slide-in range.

These appliances are available in six premium finishes and double-oven configurations that can adapt to the same configuration as conventional free-standing ranges, so you won’t have to drastically remodel your home to accommodate your new range. All are now available for purchase, but they don’t come cheap. Prices start at $1,299 and go up to $3,999.

More magic comes with the GE Profile wall ovens. Featuring a 7-inch, full-color touch display, you can select what ingredient you are working with (whether it’s meat, fish, or a baked good), and automatically select the most appropriate cooking mode. That means that no matter how advanced the technique, your oven should be able to take care of it for you. Not only is this oven Wi-Fi enabled (which means it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant), but it also boasts a Drop integration so that you can take advantage of the app’s interactive recipes. Just find an appetizing dish on Drop and tell Alexa what to do.

These new wall ovens are slated to go live in January and will set you back between $2,499 and $3,399.

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