The NuBryte console wants to be the center of your smart home

Considering the moon was still out when the alarm went off this morning, the idea of programming lights to slowly brighten in a mock sunrise might make early rising a little less bewildering. There are plenty of products on the market that can thwart nature in this way, but a new lighting console from Lucis called NuBryte hopes to do that and much more.

The term “smart home hub” is an apt one. Many iterations of a device that controls smart lights and thermostats aim to be the heart of the home. NuBryte is no exception. Incorporating lighting, security, a calendar, intercoms, weather notifications, and energy monitoring, the NuBryte clearly wants to be the center of attention. Ideally, every member of the family should be checking the control pad or iPhone app to see if they need sunscreen or snow boots and to get reminders about soccer practice or ballet recitals.

Unlike similar home controllers, NuBryte does require you to bust out the toolbox. You’ll need to unscrew a light switch cover and hook up some wires to get it running.

By monitoring your family’s habits via its sensors, NuBryte becomes smarter over time, kicking on the light in the den every day at 6 p.m. when the kids start their homework. It can also shut off the lights automatically when you’ve rushed out the door in the morning with your hands full of laptop bag and cupcakes for the office party. Daily or weekly reports can help you see where you’re using energy, which may help curtail usage. Thanks to its open API, “the NuBryte system is compatible with other companies, such as Nest, to complete a full connected home. However, it would need to be approved by the other solution,” says Paige Verducci, a Lucis representative.

There are also included security features with the system. A 120-degree camera can record intruders (and hopefully frighten them away with flashing lights and loud alarms), but there’s also a manual shield to ensure no one’s spying on your impromptu dance party. To get complete home coverage, you’ll need a unit for each room.

The NuBryte is available for pre-order starting today. Each console is $199, though there’s no monthly service fee. Lucis expects to ship the units in June 2015.