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How to bypass a Ring Sensor

Ring might be best-known for its lineup of video doorbells, but the company also produces an impressive array of alarms and sensors to help secure your home. One of its most popular security gadgets is the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (also known as the Ring Door Sensor), which can give you instant alerts whenever your door opens.

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What You Need

  • Ring app

  • Ring Alarm Base

  • Ring Contact Sensor (2nd Gen)

However, you don’t always want these sensors to send data back to your Ring Alarm Base Station – meaning you’ll need an easy way to deactivate them without turning off your entire security system. Here's how to bypass a Ring Sensor so it doesn’t trip your alarm.

Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) Door Sensor on door
John Velasco / Digital Trends

How to bypass a Ring Sensor

Before figuring out how to bypass a Ring Sensor, you’ll need to make sure you’re working with the right gear. This means you’ll want to have a Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) and either a Ring Alarm Base or Alarm Pro Base. Next, you’ll need to enable the Quick Exit option through your Ring app. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: In the Ring app, find the Ring Door Sensor you’d like to bypass.

Step 2: Select the Quick Exit button and toggle it to the On position.

Step 3: Next, ensure your Ring Alarm is set to Home.

Step 4: Press the button on the corner of your Ring Contact Sensor. This should produce a green light on the device.

Step 5: While it’s blinking green, you’ll be able to open the door and bypass your alarm. A timer that runs for about 30 seconds will be activated upon pressing the button, at which point it’ll stop blinking and rearm itself.

Why would you want to bypass a Ring Sensor?

While there are plenty of reasons you might want to bypass a Ring Sensor, most folks end up using the feature to let their dog out at night, leave for work early in the morning without turning off their system, or to grab a package from outside. Keep in mind that your system will be rearmed after the 30-second timer expires – so you’ll have to go through the standard disarming steps if you decide to open the door again.

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