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Moët Hennessy pops the cork on its new Alexa skill, Bottles and Bubbles

Bottles and Bubbles
It would be easier these days to list the number of companies that don’t have associated Amazon Alexa skills than to list the oodles of companies that have jumped on the virtual assistant’s bandwagon. The latest Amazon Alexa skill, however, isn’t one that you might expect. It comes from Moët Hennessy USA, the luxury wine and spirits company, who announced on Friday a new Amazon Alexa skill that gives customers the chance to learn about champagne and “create their own experiences at home,” which sounds interesting.

Called Bottles and Bubbles, this new skill makes use of Alexa’s voice and Moët’s expertise to help casual champagne consumers become connoisseurs. You’ll now be able to ask Alexa to recommend champagne pairings, how to pronounce champagne names, and a whole host of other tips and educational lessons.

“As Moët Hennessy USA continues to bring new and innovative experiences to consumers, we are excited to announce the Bottles and Bubbles skill on Amazon’s Alexa,” said chief marketing officer Vanessa Kay. “New technologies are providing us with incredible opportunities to not only grow our business, but engage with our consumers in exciting ways while still delivering on our commitment to building luxury brands. Bottles and Bubbles will empower individuals with a champagne education and help them create the perfect champagne experience in their own homes.”

To use the skill, folks need only say, “Alexa, open Bottles and Bubbles.” From there, they’ll be able to access Champagne 101, which promises champagne basics and information about Moët Hennessy brands; a calendar of events worthy of a champagne celebration (though we think that’s every day); and suggestions and services to improve just about any party, like hosting tips, champagne-esque playlists, and even ambient sounds.

While Moët Hennessy may not strike customers today as a particularly tech-savvy brand, the spirits maker is hoping to change that. Indeed, with its foray into Alexa territory with Bottles and Bubbles, the brand is hoping to prove itself as “an innovative and future forward leader in the space.” After all, can you really be taken seriously if your customers can’t interact with you via an Amazon Echo?

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