Move It wants to replace trips to the gym with a sensor-filled workout

move it smart home gym 1
Eggplant Technologies
If you’re anything like me, you may have had an on/off relationship with your local gym. And if you’re really like me, you’ve only had an off relationship with your local gym. With the new Move It smart home gym, however, you may not need to leave the house to work out — the gym will come to you.

The contraption is made by Hong Kong-based Eggplant Technologies, and is made up of various bits of training equipment along with a range of sensors to connect to your smartphone. All packed up, it’s a package that isn’t too big and wouldn’t be out of place in any home. Oh, and it weighs a mere 6.6 pounds, making it easily transportable.

The device includes four workout tools: a resistance band, ab wheel, jump rope, and pushup stand. Sure, these are somewhat basic, but the real kicker isn’t the tools, but the sensors and software that come with them.

The “gym” has a pair of handles that include a six-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope, capacitive sensors, a pressure grip sensor, and an infrared sensor to detect distance. Once you grab hold of the handles, they’ll detect that you’re exercising and will automatically start sending data over to your smartphone, where it’s graphed and can be viewed whenever you want. When you’re not exercising, everything can be put back in its place in a small and storable package.

Move It 2
Eggplant Technologies
Eggplant Technologies

For some, this could be just another piece of workout equipment that you buy, resolving to work out more only leaving it untouched. For others, however, this kind of thing could be exactly what you need — it’s small and lightweight, allowing for a home gym without the need to dedicate an entire room to equipment, and it takes advantage of the “smart devices” trend.

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The package costs $230, although if you happen to be one of the lucky ones to grab an early bird special on the firm’s Indiegogo page, you’ll only need to pay $160. You’d better act quickly, though — at the time of this writing 49 of the 100 special deals had already been claimed.

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