Nanoleaf remote, music visualizer will turn your smart home into a fun home

You may know Nanoleaf as the company that wants to light up your life with some smart lighting panels, but the Toronto-based company is also hoping to help streamline your entire smart home experience. At CES 2018, Nanoleaf unveiled a new universal remote of sorts and more lighting products, all of which are aimed at transforming “your space not only into a smarter home, but one that is more playful, intuitive, and simple.”

The Nanoleaf Remote is a Bluetooth-enabled remote control that Nanoleaf claims will allow you to control just about every connected device in your portfolio. The 12-sided, Apple HomeKit-enabled remote is said to give users “full control of all HomeKit products,” allowing you to set a different scene with each face of the remote via the Nanoleaf app. That said, a 12-sided remote does sound like it could be somewhat confusing, and you’ll be hard-pressed to remember which scene you assigned to which face of the geometric object.

“Smart technology should cater to how people are using their products, making life easier and more enjoyable without being intrusive,” said Gimmy Chu, CEO of Nanoleaf. “TheNanoleaf Remote is designed to make the smart home smart again. We want to give people the option of controlling their smart home without always relying on their devices.Everyone is so glued to their phones these days, the Nanoleaf Remote offers the possibilityto just sit back and enjoy living smarter.”

nanoleaf remote

The company also unveiled Nanoleaf Light Panels, a modular lighting system that syncs to music. These triangular LED panels are meant to play alongside the Nanoleaf Rhythm music visualizer, pairing light with sound. Each light panel is engineered to react to music in its own unique way, though you can also customize these visualizers using the Nanoleaf app by selecting various color and animation selections.

You might look into these smart home devices if you’re looking to throw the party of the year in 2018. An entire starter pack of the panels and visualizer will set you back $230. The remote has yet to be priced, but will launch in February 2018.