New Free Video Travel Site Debuts

A new website announced today by a San Francisco Bay Area-based company looks to combine filmmaking and tourist information as a new destination resource for would be travelers researching destinations. Dubbed TurnHere, the site is currently in beta.

TurnHere, the company said, offers up hundreds of two to five minute short films on destinations within neighborhoods and locations across the globe, with a particular emphasis on the United States. The films “portray the culture, history, local businesses and political landscapes” of these locations and are created by a network of over 200 filmmakers especially for TurnHere.

All of the TurnHere videos are free for viewing and can be streamed off the site or downloaded to portable devices such as Apple’s fifth generation iPod with video playing capabilities. The company plans to add 20 to 50 new travel videos each week and also offers links to other sites whose content is related to the specific film.

“Through TurnHere, we are capturing and chronicling unique neighborhoods and iconic places across America, and ultimately around the world,” said Bradley Inman, founder of TurnHere, in a statement. “Each film highlights the rich, ‘street-level’ culture of each neighborhood, and illustrates the immense diversity of life in different regions across the country, making it the ideal tool for travelers interested in getting the ‘inside scoop’ on a destination.”