Pop into morning with the Habitco Day Maker alarm clock

We’ve seen and reviewed plenty of iPhone docks since the popular smartphone from Apple was released in 2007. Most have a similar aesthetic when it comes how the dock supports the iPhone. 

None however seem to be having fun with the designs. Well… maybe that dance monkey machine was having fun. But this is what makes us smile about Habitco’s Day Maker alarm clock/charging station/toaster. Alright, it’s not actually a toaster but it treats your phone kind of like a piece of bread.  Day Makers can charge two iPhones (or Touches) at the same time. 

Set your alarm on your phone or touch and press down. When its time for the alarm to go off your iPhone will pop up just like toast. If you need five more minutes you can push them back down as a snooze. 

Habitco is also making an iPhone app that displays the day’s weather and schedule and allows for creating a wake sequence and playlist. They say that you’ll also be able to compare your average sleep cycles (or snooze hits) with other Day Maker owners, and that this is a optional feature of the app.

The alarm clock comes with stereo sound, a pull tab to individually set the slots, and is available in white, black, red, or grey. It’s also supposed to work with iPhone 4, 4s, and the 3rd and 4th generations of the iPod touch. They’re also working on making it compatible with the iPhone 5 whenever that comes out.

At the moment, Day Maker is not commercially available. They are running a Kickstarter campaign and are aiming for a February 2013 release date. If you follow the Kickstarter page, you’ll notice that if they reach a goal of $385,000 Habitco will produce a smaller Day Maker called the “Single Slice.” The Single only fits one iPhone or Touch and does not come with an analog clock like the two slice version. 


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