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Prepare for the unexpected with EcoFlow’s portable power stations

Natural disasters can strike at any time so it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Buying one of the best portable power stations is a crucial way of ensuring you never run out of electricity no matter how serious your situation may get. One of the best brands to consider for keeping your family safe is EcoFlow. Offering plenty of great power stations with the cheapest unit costing just $349, it will give you the peace of mind you deserve during power outages even if the lack of power goes on for longer than you expect.

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EcoFlow is passionate about keeping you and your loved ones safe during the worst of times, all by providing you with the right tools for a disaster. For just $349, you can buy the EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station which is able to power up to 10 devices simultaneously. The portable power station offers three 600W AC outlets with a 288Wh capacity so you can run all your essential devices for hours. It can even power some devices up to 1,800W if you need it to thanks to a special X-Boost mode.

Thanks to intelligent patented X-Stream technology from EcoFlow, the RIVER Portable Power Station recharges fast, too, with it taking less than an hour to go from 0% to 80%. A full recharge takes just 1.6 hours or you can switch to a quieter charging mode via the app, all depending on what matters most to you at the time.

Compatible with 80% of home appliances, the portable power station will power all kinds of kitchen appliances as well as DIY tools and anything else you can need. There’s always the option of doubling its capacity as well, with an extra battery thanks to EcoFlow implementing a modular design. It’s mobile, too, weighing just 11 pounds and only measuring slightly larger than a toaster.

Alternatively, if you want to invest in the most high-end product that EcoFlow offers, there’s the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. Currently available via a Kickstarter project, it promises to be the world’s fastest charging portable power station and capable of powering pretty much anything. It is the world’s first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backups along with smart energy management, too. With AC output of between 3,600 and 7,200W, it’s near impossible to think of something this device can’t handle. If you live in an area prone to power outages, you won’t have to worry with this portable power station covering you. It can even power window air conditioning units and washing machines.

Charging is possible via wall outlets, smart generators, car charging, EV charging stations, and even solar or wind charging, so there’s plenty of flexibility here. A full charge takes just under 2.7 hours via a wall outlet, too.

Other great features include its vivid LCD screen, and there’s app support for maximum control of your portable power station, too. The app can help you run your home more efficiently even when there isn’t an outage thanks to its ability to combat time-of-use rates, storing energy during off-peak hours and helping you view a full breakdown of your energy consumption each day.

Whatever you decide on, EcoFlow units are here to help you out. Great for giving you peace of mind whenever there’s a power outage, you can be rest assured that your family will be kept safe and in comfort once you have a EcoFlow power station in your home. Prices start at just $349 with plenty of options for every situation and budget.

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