Sentido: A smarter light switch for a smarter home

sentido smarter light switch home screen shot 2014 09 15 at 11 21 am
The advent of smart lighting has given rise to an interesting dilemma. On one hand, whipping out your smartphone and firing up an app every time you want to to adjust your lights is oftentimes cumbersome and inconvenient, yet on the other hand, the analog switches on your wall simply don’t allow for adequate control over a high-tech lighting system’s many functions. What we need is a happy medium between the two — something that combines the convenience of a physical wall switch with the advanced control options of a smartphone app.

Enter: Sentido, the latest product from Belgian smart home startup Basalte. It’s essentially a souped up light switch designed with the modern, network-connected home in mind. Instead of a simple on/off flipper, it’s outfitted with four touch-sensitive pads, each of which can be programmed to perform a different function. Tapping one pad by itself could, for example, activate a single light, whereas touching two or more pads simultaneously could activate an entire preset lighting scene. If your lights can change colors or be dimmed, you can easily access those settings by simply sliding your finger up or down on a given pad.

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Under the hood, the switch is also outfitted with a temperature sensor, so while it’s sitting idly on your wall, Sentido gathers room temp data and beams it to your connected thermostat to help regulate your heating and air conditioning systems — assuming you’ve got a smart thermostat, that is.

The device (which recently won a number of awards at this year’s CEDIA expo) is available in a number of different finishes and textures — although details on pricing and availability are hard to come by at this point. Basalte’s website suggests you can get your hands on Sentido at a number of different retailers across the globe, but you’ll have to call for more info. Find out more here.

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