Leaving home? These smart light bulbs repel robberies by mimicking your patterns

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There can’t always be someone at your house to discourage a break-in, but you can make it look like there is. ComfyLight AG launched a Kickstarter campaign Friday to produce what it calls “intruder-repelling” smart LED light bulbs.

The lights are meant to replace those that are already in your home, and together with the ComfyLight app, they aim to protect the residence by simulating how you and your family move around the house when no one is present. (Just imagine how much less difficult it would have been for Kevin McAllister to trick the Wet Bandits in Home Alone with this kind of technology.) By actually learning the patterns of a home’s occupants, the ComfyLight LED bulb is able to mimic them automatically; users don’t have to program settings in advance or set timers.

In addition to making your home appear to be occupied, the bulbs work with the ComfyLight app to send alerts to your phone if motion is detected when everyone is away. ComfyLight will begin flashing to hopefully scare intruders away as well as to alert the neighbors.

“Conventional systems don’t trigger an alarm until the burglary has already happened — they don’t proactively protect the home,” said Stefanie Tuber, ComfyLight’s CEO and co-­founder, in a press release, highlighting how these features unite to offer benefits over other security solutions on the market. The company’s goal was to create a solution that would give peace of mind to homeowners and tenants.

The bulbs serve more than just security purposes. Not only do they provide lighting when you are home (of course), they also turn on and off automatically when members of the household enter and exit rooms.

ComfyLight’s Kickstarter is now live and is seeking to raise $55,000 to put the smart light bulbs into production. The first 300 pre-orders will be able to purchase ComfyLights at a 55-percent discount.

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