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Light up your life with the Sylvania Smart+ bulbs, now available for pre-order

Bringing light into your life may have gotten a bit easier with the introduction of the Sylvania Smart+ light bulbs. After much anticipation, the smart home company has announced that its A19 Full Color Light Bulbs are now available for pre-order, with delivery anticipated for September. So if you are looking to get into the fall mood with the right mood lighting, this may be the right bulb for you.

The Sylvania Smart bulb claims to be the first light bulb capable of being controlled directly by way of Siri and Apple’s Home app, without the need for a separate hub or smart socket, or even a Wi-Fi router. Simply screw the Bluetooth-enabled bulb into any light fixture in your room, sync it with your iPhone’s Home app, and take control.

“We are proud to break new ground with Apple to bring to market this first of its kind product,” said Aaron Ganick, head of Smart Business Americas, for Ledvance, Sylvania’s parent company. “Apple is known for innovative products that are simple and intuitive to use, while making our lives better. HomeKit is no exception. Our new HomeKit-enabled Sylvania Smart+ products are perfect for those who have heard how great it is to have a Smart Home but aren’t yet ready to tackle the installation and maintenance responsibilities of a larger system.”

Like other smart bulbs and smart hubs, the Sylvania Smart bulbs can be controlled individually or in groups as part of scenes. Using Siri or the Home app, you can turn the bulb on or off, dim it, adjust it from a cool white to a warm white, or to a slew of other colors as well. Plus, you can set the smart bulbs to certain schedules, so your home is bright and cheerful when you come home from a long day at work, and knows to turn things down as bedtime approaches. You can even tell Siri, “I’m on my way home” to set your lights to a certain brightness.

HomeKit-enabled Sylvani Smart+ lightbulbs will be available online and in stores later this year and are currently available to pre-order for $45.

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