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Give your beer better head (really) with That UltraBeer Thing

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Vibrations can be a good thing, right? Certainly helping to prove that hypothesis is a new device from London. It’s called That UltraBeer Thing, because when you’re enjoying a cold one (or two or three), you’re probably not articulate enough to call it much else. The portable beer improver is a handheld device that you stick into your glass of ale, lager, etc. for a couple of seconds in order to create microbubbles. You’re instructed to “repeat as often as desired, or until all CO2 has been released from the beer.” This creates a micro-foam head that promises to make your beer drinking experience all the better.

The vibrations are generated by 40Khz ultrasound waves, which burst bubbles and form the creamy foam head that you generally enjoy only from a particularly good tap. But now, you don’t have to just settle for your standard can or bottle of beer. Just foam it up and you’ll never know the difference.

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The UltraBeer requires two AAA batteries, which will power the device for 30 minutes of continuous run-time. And considering you’re only using it for a couple seconds at a time, that’s a lot of beers (hundreds, according to the device’s website). To ensure that you’re not needlessly draining battery, the UltraBeer turns off automatically when it’s not in use, and will flash green if it needs new batteries.

While UltraBeer works with most CO2 carbonated beers (but not Guinness), its makers say that it’s best with craft beer, particularly if it’s been canned or bottled. So if you’ve a special brew you’ve been meaning to try, you may be able to add an extra kick to it with some ultrasound waves.

Keep in mind, however, that while your UltraBeer is meant to be used with beer, it’s not actually waterproof. Its thin end is intended to be inserted into beer, but not beyond its marked point — because the battery compartment is not waterproof, you’ll want to avoid submerging the device entirely in beer or water or any other liquid. That said, if you find that there’s something wrong with That UltraBeer thing, it comes with a one-year warranty (though if the company finds that the problem is that you’ve taken your beer companion for a swim, you’re out of luck).

The UltraBeer is currently only available in the U.K., but we’re hoping that’ll change soon. If you are living across the pond, however, you can get one on Amazon U.K. for about $30.

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