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The best Roomba name ideas for your robot vacuum

Once you have your Roomba or other robot vacuum, what’s next?

You give it an awesome name, of course! Naming your Roomba isn’t only fun, it can also help literally identify it for voice assistants like Alexa, so you can shout commands with a name that you prefer. Below are some of our favorites. Take a look and find one that you love, or take a little time to get creative.

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Note: Attaching googly eyes to your Roomba is absolutely not required and will not improve performance. You may want to do it anyway.

iRobot Roomba i3 Plus cleaning a wooden floor.

The best Roomba name ideas

Jarvis: This is a popular and fun option thanks to Ironman. We also encourage users to make it even more realistic by using some Alexa voice commands to order the Roomba to vacuum specific spots.

DRD: Let’s continue the fan favorites with DRD, a.k.a. the Diagnostic Repair Drones from Farscape, which not only look like robot vacuums but also have surprisingly important roles.

DJ Roomba: A classic from Parks & Rec that fans will immediately identify. We do not recommend putting a Bluetooth speaker on your vacuum robot, but we also cannot stop you from trying it.

R2: Self-explanatory, especially if you say it like an exasperated Luke Skywalker.

Mr. Handy: Here’s one for the Fallout fans. Plus, it will still sound fun to those who have no idea what a Fallout is.

Dobby: Roombas are sort of like mechanical house elves, aren’t they? Don’t give yours a sock; it could get jammed and refuse to work.

WALL-E: A robot vacuum’s purpose is to pick up trash. And, with an automated return to its charging station, your Roomba can keep going forever, too.

GLadOS: If you’ve ever tried programming a recalcitrant Roomba, you know that they do indeed like testing you.

CL4P-TP: Borderlands fans will both enjoy this and know how to pronounce it. Just teach your Roomba to be wary of stairs, please.

Toaster: A callback for Battlestar Galactica fans or cylon haters. Please do not put toast in your Roomba.

Daredevil: A popular option because of how robot vacuums can bump into things, although not very polite to Daredevil.

Alfred: A traditional pick that just sounds right, thanks to the presence of Batman in our culture.

Kraken: Chosen by those who prefer to shout “Release the Kraken!” when using their Roomba.

Minion: You do not need to be a Minions fan to enjoy shouting “Minion!” at your own personal robot. You can even cackle afterward if you want to.

Charlie: Because a Roomba does the Charlie work, right IASIP fans? You’re certainly not going to do the Charlie work.

Rosie: A classic from the Jetsons for those who prefer to go with a tried and true option. Your Roomba will not be as sassy as Rosie, but you can certainly pretend.

Woodhouse: Nothing will brighten your day like shouting “Woodhouuuuuse!” like Archer did. Everyone needs a butler to blame things on, after all. Just don’t rub sand in your robot vacuum; it will stop working.

Kitt: Your Roomba can’t exactly drive you around, but it does help get you out of a lot of sticky situations, so this still works.

Catsitter: A nickname for those who use Roombas primarily to clean up cat hair.

Vlad the Inhaler: By far our favorite Roomba pun. Seriously, there are a ton of Roomba puns out there, and you can find hundreds to peruse, but we’re going to leave it at just our top pick for now (plus a call out to “Dustin Bieber” as our second pick).

Wait, where did the name Roomba come from, anyway?

Roombas are made by the company iRobot, and the first was released 20 years ago in 2022. The name Roomba itself doesn’t appear to have any special meaning or connotation, so you don’t have to feel bad about replacing it.

Oh, and be sure to check out our list of the top Roomba models you can buy, as well as alternative robot vacuums that could also work for you.

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