Talk back to your alarm clock with the Alexa-enabled Vobot Clock

vobot clock amazon alexa screen shot 2017 01 03 at 10 21 30 am

Looking to build upon the holiday popularity of the Amazon Echo and other Amazon Alexa enabled devices is Vobot Inc., a startup specializing in AI and acoustics. At this year’s CES, Vobot is debuting the latest in its smart-home lineup — the Vobot Clock, branded as the first Amazon Alexa-enabled timepiece to hit the market. Thanks to the ever-expanding Amazon Developer Portal (which is adding a growing number of Alexa Skills to your arsenal), products like the Vobot clock are becoming ever more ubiquitous, making your life easier than ever before.

Whether you want to train yourself to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, or wake up earlier, Vobot Clock promises features to help in your endeavors. The reminder function of the voice-activated and controlled smart alarm clock will tell you what to do, and at what time, in order to maximize your sleep. You can customize the alarm to set different wakeup tunes, and the internal 5W speaker will rouse you with clear sounds. And rather than fiddling with an off button or worrying about remembering to set your phone alarm, simply tell the Vobot Clock what time you want to wake up.

“Vobot means voice plus robot. Our aim is to create AI as well as voice-interactive robots for people’s daily lives,” said the CEO of Vobot Inc. “Vobot Clock tries to understand users’ demands through algorithm and cloud computing.”

Small and streamlined in its design, the Clock hasn’t a single button on its surface, but you can talk to it, cover it, or flip it in order to get the Clock to perform various functions. And of course, because the Vobot Clock is Alexa-enabled, you can do much more than just set your bedtime. Indeed, you can request an Uber, order a pizza, ask about the weather, or just generally chat with Alexa via the Clock. And as Vobot continues to develop its product, it hopes to ultimately equip users with a timepiece that doubles as a personal assistant.

The Clock is slated to be made available in early February, and will be sold for $35.