Amazon’s smartphone may come with Prime Data plan

amazons smartphone may come prime data plan amazon phone

Like the iWatch, the Amazon smartphone is a rumor that refuses to go away. Most recently, we saw images from BGR that purported to show the ‘Fire’ handset in a protective case. According to sources speaking to the website, the phone is set to have six separate cameras and screen that generates a 3D effect without the aid of glasses, and whispers around the industry suggest the smartphone could appear this summer.

Now the same outlet has posted a fresh rumor about an Amazon Prime Data plan that will be bundled with the phone, suggesting customers will have discounted or even free data deals to take advantage of. Tipsters speaking to BGR have said that certain Amazon apps could be able to get online without incurring costs — think Kindle downloads, Prime Instant Video streaming and Amazon Cloud Locker.

It’s a move that would fit neatly into Amazon’s existing strategies and which wouldn’t be too surprising. The company already lumps various apps, products and promotions into its Prime membership plan, and has consistently cut prices on hardware, software and services in order to bring as many customers as possible to its virtual doors. Amazon also has previous form in this area: Kindle devices come bundled with a Whispernet 3G service that means ebooks can be downloaded for free over cellular networks.

Choosing a phone or a tablet has become about much more than just the looks and specifications of the device itself — consumers need to think about attached digital media platforms, native apps and even which virtual assistant has the most appeal. If the Amazon smartphone is real, Jeff Bezos will want to attract as many users to it as possible, and Amazon Prime Data could be a big part of that approach to the market.

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